Images resize after scanning

  Ben Avery (Work) 15:16 12 Feb 2003


Another little gem for ya to mull over!

How come, when you scan a photo with size set at 100%, if you select "send to printer" it prints at 100% but if you save to HDD and open it with photo software (I use Photo Impact 7 (or 8?) and MGI Photosuite) it suddenly becomes about 10 times bigger?

Is there an easy way to save to HDD and open it so that it will print the original size?


  jazzypop 16:25 12 Feb 2003

Printer resolution = 300dpi (or thereabouts).

Monitor resolution = 72dpi (or thereabouts)

1" on a printer = 4" on-screen, or 8" if using a 600dpi printer

Think about pixel size, not printed size.

  doug 17:07 12 Feb 2003

Never thought of things that way. Thanks.

  Ben Avery 17:47 12 Feb 2003

I can always count on you mate, cheers!

One question which that doesn't answer though, is why on the print preview does it also appear to be huge, and how can I open it in a photo program, then resize it to the original, so that I can print it accurately surely it should print the right size still???


  Djohn 17:55 12 Feb 2003

click here I found this site very helpful for tips. Regards. J.

  woodchip 18:13 12 Feb 2003

In my software it does exactly what you say. Picture Publisher 8

  Ben Avery 18:16 12 Feb 2003

Between you guys, you could solve just about anything I can throw at you!

I looked into the PhotoImpact 7 program and found that there was indeed a setting (which was wrong) for DPI. When I adjusted it to 3000 DPI as scanned at, the image was a perfect fit!"

Thank You once again.


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