Images not showing on web page

  TBOM 16:27 28 Nov 2006

I have two laptops and a desktop all sharing the same Blueyonder BB connection. None of my computers displays a particular image on a particular webpage (either in IE 6 or IE &). All other images are fine, it's just one in particular (actually, it's an animated gif - but other animated gifs are running OK elsewhere on the same web page).

However, when I ask others to check it out on THEIR PCs, they can see the image perfectly.

Something to do with my web connection through the wireless network? But why should it only affect one image?

Help please....

  Jackcoms 16:32 28 Nov 2006

In IE try Tools; Internet Options.

Under 'Security' and 'Privacy' are your settings set as Default'?

Just out of interest, this IE & you refer to, is that the latest version of IE7?? ;-))

  TBOM 16:39 28 Nov 2006

...yes, those two settings are set to default. I had tried lowering the security slider, but same result. Any other ideas...?

Haven't you heard about IE&? You're not still using IE7 are you?!! How last week! ;)

  Jackcoms 16:41 28 Nov 2006

lol :-))

  Jackcoms 16:43 28 Nov 2006

Oddly enough, there is a particular website I regularly visit and a single image on it is blocked.

No explanation. It's an irritation that's all.

All other images on all other sites are OK.

  TBOM 16:50 28 Nov 2006

...the REALLY irritating thing is this image is on MY website and my tech people and others can see it clearly, but I can't!!

Can you? Please go to click here and let me know if you can see a banner at the bottom of the homepage intro copy (offering Win £100 etc). Or just a small red cross in a square like me :(

  Jackcoms 16:59 28 Nov 2006

Sorry to report - I can see the image and NOT a red cross!

  TBOM 17:02 28 Nov 2006

...thank you very much for going to that effort.
Back to the drawing board for me and my PCs then!

  TBOM 08:18 30 Dec 2006

It appeared that the web site was being hosted on two servers and the image hadn't been uploaded onto one of them. Doh.

  DaddyGee 19:38 05 Feb 2007

Having read the above thread I wonder if anyone can help me? As I view this PC Advisor web page through IE7 I have 3 boxes with red crosses in them. Any suggestions as to how I can view the it in its entirety?

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