Images Not Showing Up

  Lashed 19:34 11 Feb 2008

Hello, i am looking for some help. I am a beginner at webdisgning and i have just recently got my first webhost. Problem is i have up loaded all the files for my website:

Images Folder [containing all images i need]
Index [Home Page]
gallery [Secondary Page]

The problem im getting is that no images are showing up, all i have is the text, background and the boxes where the images should be!
If someone could please point me in the right direction then it will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  mco 20:49 11 Feb 2008

So we can see the problem? It is probably that the images are either not uploaded onto your webserver or else the path to them has been incorrectly named - it will be a quick thing to solve if we could see a link

  Lashed 18:30 12 Feb 2008

well thats another problem, the domain is click here, but its not linking to webhost, i bought both as a package?

  Leslie-212488 18:30 13 Feb 2008

had a similar problem, got a free domain in my hosting package, only to find out after uploading files that they could only register .com and not I had to purchase seperately and link it to my dot com domain. It also takes 48 hours for domain registeration.

  Leslie-212488 18:35 13 Feb 2008

your domain name has been registered, you can see it. what did you call the home page? you just have "index"? is it html or htm. some hosts ask for one or the other. Just a thought.

  mco 19:44 13 Feb 2008

What are you clicking on to see that your images aren't showing up? Since the link you gave is empty and I can't access it via index . html

  Lashed 12:55 14 Feb 2008

When i click the file "Index" thats it links to new page and shows boxes of empty images. I have tried uploading both the Index.Htm and Index.Html both still not showing up.

  Leslie-212488 13:49 15 Feb 2008

looking at your source code it looks like you have uploaded everything in one folder because there is no reference to your image or gallery folder.
What have you named you the page wher your have the modified images?
so if it was on your pc you would have to open the image folder then dive further down to get to it. And what is ?c=n;o=d ? is that the file name? if it is, it needs the .html extension.
you need to have the same directory structure on the server as you have on you pc. if the structure is different , you need to change anchor fererences.

  mco 15:53 15 Feb 2008

what are you looking at? I can't see lashed has uploaded anything yet.

  Leslie-212488 17:43 15 Feb 2008

i clicked on the link lashed provided. i presumed that that is his site; click here
from there i looked at his source code.
What did you see when you clicked the link?

  mco 18:34 15 Feb 2008

that is not the site and the site's html code - that is just the holding area for when he uploads his files and makes an index.html page - it is empty so far

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