Images not appearing on my published web page

  Solvaworld1 19:32 26 Nov 2009

Hello Everyone,

I know this sounds like a silly issue question from a fellow web designer,

But I have upload my new website to my domain and for some reason the images are not showing on the internet although it shows perfectly locally,

I have even uploaded the HTML code instead of actually wep page files and I still have the same problem. When I copy the HTML code back into my HTML editor from the web host manager it then shows as it does on the web: without images. However this is the same code that I have taken from my editor ?????? Im totally confused. All files are in the correct directory, I have even created directorys for the _vti_cnf files in my web manager.

click here
(although the same occurs for every single page)I know you wont be able to see the images on your machines but maybe you could see if there is something wrong with the code. I just find it odd that the pages are fine locally when I open them with 3 different browsers. But online I get no joy. Although I can open each image in the web manager individually. There isnt any hint of referencing anything on my local drive. Completely lost and getting no where with my web host which is Fasthosts by the way. I can also add I have removed all files and added several times each time recreating the directorys in my web manager

I hope you can help thanks,

  Ansolan 21:32 26 Nov 2009


Whenever this happens, most times turns out to be the path. Can't see from here exactly what's happening on your server but every image URL I tried returned a 404 (not found)which appears to apply to the entire images folder.

Set aside web editors, or thinking of the source code as different to the page. Go to your site in file manager, open the pages on the server to see the source code (you may need to use the "edit" option, then see exactly where your images are supposed to be e.g.

click here

Is there a subfolder called images in the same place/same folder as the page? Does this contain an image called ContactUsMapSlice.gif etc.

  cycoze 21:39 26 Nov 2009

What program are you using to make the site? you mention your web manager, does this part of the program upload your files for you? if not maybe thats the problem and the images have not been uploaded to the server.

  Solvaworld1 21:59 26 Nov 2009

Hi Ansolan thanks.
Ok first off checked the source code listed for some of the images on the web server and an exerp of the result I got was as follows

"GIF89a??????}}}??? ????///???^^^???????????????100
[ZTNNN ?????? ????????????????????iic????????????,,!


This makes no sense at all. Also regarding your 2nd question, on the web server web pages are located in htdocs which is the default for fasthosts and images are stored in an image folder I created on the same level as htdocs,that image you mentioned is present.

Hi cycoze

basically I designed the page in photoshop and sliced it then added the html in frontpage. As I have mentioned all the images are definately uploaded on the web server using fasthosts defacto file manager, well it shows there on there anyway in the image folder I created. In fact if I go to view an image I can open it from the web server.

  Solvaworld1 22:15 26 Nov 2009

Hi forum,

Not sure what you mean by.....

According to the source code there should be an image at

http: // www. encorewebdesign

(spaces added) but there isn't.

dont know much about vti folder apart from FP creates it sometimes. Definately not using FP to publish literally using the defacto file manager on fasthosts to browse files and then upload. in the case of images zipping them first then loading the zip file which fasthosts automatically unzips. Just FYI cant actually open images on the web server get this error from the browser

The web address you entered could not be found[More Information]You were trying to go to

thanks all

  cycoze 22:45 26 Nov 2009

Try uploading one image manually without zipping, use fasthosts uploader/file manager, make sure it goes into the folder named "images" try the ContactDetailsSlice.gif then check the page again.

  Solvaworld1 08:40 27 Nov 2009


I have now uploaded the ContactUsMapSlice.gif

When I select view source code it shows the image,
When I select edit, it shows all the gobbledogook
When I select open I get web address cannot be find error,

As you can see though it is still not showing up on the web page,

Same applies with click here

Also just for FYI Heres where the folders sit locally and on the web server

C:\Documents and Settings\Bradley\My Documents\My Webs\myweb\EncoreWebDesign v2

C:\Documents and Settings\Bradley\My Documents\My Webs\myweb\EncoreWebDesign v2\images

also on the web server its,

click here(defacto directory for web pages)
click here

  cycoze 19:34 27 Nov 2009

So now they are all showing and the web site is working.

  cycoze 20:12 27 Nov 2009

Can only see that using a 1px spacer making the width the following....

<table id="Table_01" width="1281"

might be the reason the scroll bar is occurring, perhaps trying to set it to 100% rather than pixels might stop it.

Using slices I assume you can add a spacer to repeat itself to expand the page when viewed at a higher resolution.

  tims31 14:54 08 Dec 2009

Hi Solvaworld1,

When you say you used Photoshop to slice the image, did you use the autoslice function? It looks like you have and that is how you have ended up with lots of 1px images and blocks within your table according to your source code.

I would have a go at slicing up the image manually by dragging over the major block and you will end up with less images and code which would make it much easier to trouble shoot when you run into problems. For example your last row has 30 odd "td's" with images of 1px in height and various widths which is all code that has to be download by your visitor.

Take a look click here which should give you a little help.

You should be able to slice the image of you site up into about 5 rows by 3 or 4 columns by the look of it and then use Photoshop to produce the HTML for you and use that.

Hope that has helped

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