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  muppet19 14:18 09 Jun 2003

I downloaded a film from kazaa burnt it to disk and deleted it from my HD only problem is now it plays upside down and back to front. can anyone can tell me how to sort this out.

  Confab 14:51 09 Jun 2003

Two options

1) Don't download from Kazaa

2) Turn your TV upsidown and watch the movie in the mirror.


  otubby1 15:32 09 Jun 2003


  -pops- 15:46 09 Jun 2003

You could put the disk in upside down and plug the power in backwards so it rotates the opposite direction.

Seriously, you have found out one of the drawbacks of the Kazaa idea - you gets what you pays for. In this case you pays nothing and look what you've got.

Kazaa is also a very dangerous transmission agent for all sorts of things that you'll wish you'd never heard of. You would be wise to remove all traces of it from your machine before it does any permanent damage. It may have done this already though.

Doubtless someone will come alon extolling the virtues of Kazaa Lite or some such thing. OK, this may not have the nasties preloaded but they can so easily be picked up during use.


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