Image enlargement

  Helen-267236 15:32 25 Jan 2003

How can I enlarge an image, say in Paint Shop Pro 7, without it going into pixel squares, and keeping the image reasonably clear?

  woodchip 15:36 25 Jan 2003

You cannot do that in any software program, it still remains at the DPI that you took the picture

  BrianW 15:47 25 Jan 2003

If you already have the image in PSP then woodchip is right. If you are able to scan the image in, then scan at the highest true dpi (not interpolated - this just causes artifacts). At the end of the day, the dots (pixels / inch dermine how large and image you can produce without pixellation). Unless of course you have some way of converting your image into a Vector format. In which case your image data is stored as mathematical representation and, in theory, is capable of infinite enlargement.

  anchor 16:28 25 Jan 2003

The best way to do this with a jpg in Paint Shop Pro is as follows:

Open the image, click Image on the top tool bar, and select resize. Choose the size you want, select either the hight or width. (Make sure that maintain aspect ratio is ticked). Select the resolution you want, and then select Bicubic Resample.

As has been stated, you will not get perfect results, but you will avoid pixel blockiness. You can improve the results somewhat by using Effects, sharpen, unsharp mask.

  Helen-267236 16:41 25 Jan 2003

Thanks everyone for your help - I will try anchors solution. I am fairly new to this so please excuse if this question is unsolvable!!

  anchor 16:50 25 Jan 2003


No, this question is not unsolvable, if you follow the method I have indicated, it will work.

However, if your original image is very small, and of very low resolution, then the results will be disappointing.

If you need any further assitance, please post back.

  Helen-267236 18:41 25 Jan 2003


Thanks for the friendly advice!! I have tried your solution and it has been successful on the image I was trying to enlarge.

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