Image collation/export software

  wotbus@ 10:03 17 Jul 2009

I am in the process of rescuing data from a very poorly PC.
I propose to mount it's HDD in my own PC and remove data piece-meal.
Does anyone know of some software, preferrably free ;-), with which I can collect all images (photo's/video's etc) and export them en-mass to my DVD drive?
I have had a look at Picasa3 but I don't see where I can select all images on the HDD.
The almost dead HDD has images all over the place and hence my question.
Thanks as always.
XP on both PC's

  johndrew 10:46 17 Jul 2009

Many photo editors will offer the option of collecting and organising pictures on a PC. You should be able to use the software to select a drive to search with some as well. Whether video editors will do the same I`m not certain.

A cheaper option would be to use the XP `Search` feature and look for `.img`, `.avi` and similar to identify the subject pictures/videos/files on the specific drive and move them over when found.

  wotbus@ 10:52 17 Jul 2009

Thanks johndrew. The cheaper option is too labour intensive hence my query ;-)
Picasa3 will search and organise all as you say, but seems to only export a "selection" and not "all" which is what I would like.

  Stuartli 13:28 17 Jul 2009

If you have Nero or similar burning program, why not create a DVD multisession mode folder?

Using Picasa3 you can then right click on each photo files folder>Locate on Disk and then Drag and Drop each one into the Multisession folder.

Will make finding photo files easier and quicker, along with the burning.

Alternatively, use the "Create a Gift CD" feature from Picasa3's Folder tab in the Toolbar, keep adding all the photo files you find and then burn the disk.

A similar method would be to create a New folder and then drag and drop each photo folder's files into a New folder and then burn the files.

  Technotiger 13:50 17 Jul 2009

click here this will recover all images if you leave it set to find 'images'

or you can change it to find just .jpg etc.

Make a New folder on your drive to save the images/jpg's to, best on the Desktop, easy to find when done.

  wotbus@ 13:50 17 Jul 2009

Thanks Stuartli. That seems the right way to go about it so thank you very much for your guidance.
Much obliged :-)

  wotbus@ 13:51 17 Jul 2009

Thanks also Techno, I'll check it out.
All good stuff for a very wet, windy and dull afternoon.
Cheers :-)

  wotbus@ 10:39 20 Jul 2009

I ended up using "export to a folder" option in Picasa3. The "recover all image" software gave all the photo's plus a million or two other images :-(
Anyway, job done and thanks for the advice :-)

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