Image Backup Windows Xp Problem

  Ali B19 06:26 17 Jan 2014

I wanted to make a image backup: System-Windows XP 2002 one partition 74,5 GB; External Hard Drive- WD Elements 1.5 TB(file system NTFS) with 600-700 GB free space left.I used Windows Backup:everything was fine for 3 days after a Backup Utility Window appeared: ”You have either run out of space,or the backup file (.bkf) is too large for this disk. Note: If this disk is formatted with FAT 32, the maximum possible size for the backup file to 4GB.The backup operation will stop.” It already copied most of the backup(it says in the properties wondow size: 667 GB) and there were only 7 hours left. In the backup progress window in the Status area: ”The medium is full. Please insert the next mediu”. I have already deleted 70 GB from my external hd. But I am afraid that if I close the backup utility window or if I press ok all will be lost I I will not have my complete image backup. What should I do to finish my image backup?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 17 Jan 2014

What program are you using to make the backup?

NTFS and 700G free to only copy 75G should be plenty of space and 3 days?

  Ali B19 10:25 18 Jan 2014

Thank you for the reply. I was using Windows Backup. I already deleted that backup because it wasn't complete. Somebody suggested Acronis and I downloaded it and made a full backup sector-by-sector. The idea is I want to switch laptops, basically I want to copy everything on my laptop(including programs that I do not have the installation kit anymore and I cannot find them online for free)to another laptop. So the only thing I want to change is the "exterior", I want to have the same programs, the same OS, the same desktop, etc. I don't want to start all over again to look for the programs I had. I don't know if I used the right method.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:36 18 Jan 2014

You could just take the drive out and use it in the second machine only if the equipment in the second machine is identical.

This is because the drivers for the motherboard chips etc, will not work if the equipment is different.

Also the windows license would recognise you have different equipment and would not validate in the new machine.

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