Im Upgrading any advice ?

  geoff47 02:04 27 Feb 2007

I have eventually done it.
Ordered XP off Ebuyer.Its on it way.
I am a bit....a bit... you say....behind the times.

Should I reformat or just overlay it ?
Are there any precautions, pitfalls, advice, must do, beware of.....any advice recieved with thanks

  Totally-braindead 04:59 27 Feb 2007

Personally I prefer a clean install. Theres less problems that way. But others may disagree with me.
If its an upgrade disk you have make sure you have your other disk handy ie Win98 or whatever because to install the upgrade it will be necessary to put it in to authenticate you own an original operating system and allow you to use the upgrade disk.
Make sure you have the motherboard driver disk as well as any other disk you might need such as modem, graphics card, printers etc. Back up any files you want to keep and write down websites you like and any emails addresses for reinstalling later.
Lastly can I ask what speed the PC is and how much memory you have as if its an older PC it will slow things down so much you may not consider it acceptable.

  xania 08:57 27 Feb 2007

Befoer you do anything, run this PC readiness check. click here. ALso be warned that this indicates the bare minimum and how your PC compares. I would recommend at least 512 Mb RAM and at least 10GB hard disk - otherwise you may be able to run WIndows XP, but not much else!

  geoff47 12:18 27 Feb 2007

383 mb Memory
600 mhz CPU
15.85 GB Disk space

But the test said my Bios was "Sort of ready"
It may have trouble using all of the features,Hibernating and something else.

I upgraded my memory sometime ago in readiness, and lost everything and had to reinstall win98, perhaps why I have so much space.

The Bios that a major problem ?

  Totally-braindead 13:02 27 Feb 2007

XP will run on this machine but it will be like very slow like running in treacle. Personally I couldn't accept it and I think you will have problems with it.
My brother had just upgraded his win98 machine to XP without mentioning it and I ended up renewing his motherboard and processor with one of the cheapest Novatech bundles. He did need a new power supply as the one he had was only 200 watts but I had one lying about anyway.
I think personally that is the most reasonable option, a motherboard bundle or if youn power supply is quite low a barebones bundle which includes a case and power supply.
click here
His PC was 500mhz with only 256 mb ram and it was unuseable. I did think about more memory but was unsure if it would be enough and it was rather expensive for his PC.
It will run but I think it will be too slow and you won't be happy with it. Sorry.

  geoff47 00:09 28 Feb 2007

I thought my PC passed the minimum requirements easily until the BIOS was suspect.

Can I request a second opinion ?

Of the options barebones or motherboard, what would be the best of the two,and how do I know if my power supply is low ?

  monty34 09:38 28 Feb 2007

You will probably need to open up the case and take a look at the power supply, the output should be marked on it, depends how many devices are connected to your pc eg. cd/dvd rom drives ,fans,floppy,hard drives etc,a 350watt power supply would be sufficient for most modern machines. If your going to upgrade to xp you might end up having to upgrade everything.If you use your current system,update your bios if you can from manufacturer's website,and upgrade to 512mb ram also.

  geoff47 10:58 28 Feb 2007

If I upgrade the memory and have sufficient power, a visit to the bios manufacturer's site might be all I need to do ?
Fingers crossed......

  geoff47 18:21 28 Feb 2007
  woodchip 18:37 28 Feb 2007

If you Have Win98se you would be better sticking with that

  geoff47 18:54 28 Feb 2007

Take a look at my link woodchip and let me know if its value for money.
I can manage £140 at the moment......and use the XP that is in the post already to install on it.

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