I'm trying to be clever with an installation...

  Simsy 00:29 15 Apr 2004

Hi folks…

I’m wondering if this installation procedure I have in mind will work….

I have a multiboot win98 system…

The first is a “general purpose” system and is what I use for most stuff, the second is used for programming exercise, and to “test” and
experiment with coverdiscs, and the third is only used for graphics work. Each OS has it’s programmes installed onto it. I keep system backups of each partition, using “Drive Image” I use AVG free edition with each system.

I have several other partitions that I keep data and backups on.

I am in the process of re-installing because I found I had a deep rooted windows problem. It has occurred to me that if I install AVG to a folder on the “D” partition, instead of to the “C” , for each of the OS’s, any updates that AVG picks up will go to the AVG folder on the “D”, and hence I wont have to update each boot partition.

I realise that I will have to install AVG three times initially. This is what I propose to do…

1)Boot into “General Purpose” OS install AVG onto “D” partition.

2)Re-Boot into ”Programming and Testing” OS partition. Delete the AVG folder on “D”. Install AVG to “D” partition.

3)Re-Boot into “Graphics” OS partition. Delete the AVG folder on “D”. Install AVG to “D” partition.

This will mean that each boot up partition will have the correct registry entries, but there will only be one AVG folder. If I restore an image backup of any of the OSs the AVG will still be up to date.

Does this makes sense to anyone? Am I missing anything?

(What I am trying to avoid is the need to update each OS when there is a virus file update, just do it once… and also to avoid a big update session if I restore a Drive image.)

Thanks in anticipation,



  johnnyrocker 00:31 15 Apr 2004

your title say it all.


  powerless 00:34 15 Apr 2004

Updating AVG is nothing, might as well leave it as it is for only a few extra update minutes.

  dez fowler 00:36 15 Apr 2004

just one word...why?

  Simsy 00:37 15 Apr 2004

when you've got to do it 3 times, or even moore if I'm restoring a drive image which is many "updates" old, it can take a while, not long in the overall scheme of things, granted, but if what I have in mind works... it will accumalate to a lot of time very quickly!



  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:40 15 Apr 2004

Are these partitions all on the same drive? if so they should all have drive letters and AVG would scan all the drives/partions you select from its options with 1 install unless i read it wrong.If they are differnt pcs then 1 install on each should do.


  Simsy 00:40 15 Apr 2004

What I am trying to avoid is the need to update each OS when there is a virus file update, just do it once… and also to avoid a big update session if I restore a Drive image, which may be a couple of months old.



  powerless 00:44 15 Apr 2004

Install AVG to D, updates will be on D.

Do it a futher two times, you'll overwrite what is on D...

Update, when in the two other win98's AVG should detect the new updates.

In theory! You'll have to try it...

But there will the registry entries on C which could complicate matters when a resore of an image has taken place.

  Simsy 00:44 15 Apr 2004

They are all on the same drive, but at any given time 2 of them are hidden...

When I boot up, "BootMagic" runs and I chose which system to boot into. Whichever system i choose is the "C" drive, the other 2 systems are hidden.... hence the "D" partition is the "D" for all 3 OSs... so registry entries should be OK for each system.

I'm tryin to reach a state where there is just a single AVG folder that does the job for all 3 systems.



  Simsy 00:49 15 Apr 2004

I think you've pictured what I'm trying to do, with my reasoning...

Providing I only resore any drive images that are made after this whole process has taken place, I don't think I'll have any registry problems... but that is why I started this thread... to see if anyone could spot any probs.

Can you see any other probs, or any specific registry issues come to mind?




  vinnyT 11:38 15 Apr 2004

I do a similar thing to what you want to do. I keep all the files from the update folder on one of those usb pen drives, when it comes to reinstalling, I just copy the files from the pen drive to the avg update folder, it works for me with no probs so far, and like you say some of the files are large (2-4Mb) and on a dial-up this saves time.

Another bonus is that you are more or less upto date when you go online for the first time after the reinstall. Hope this helps.

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