I'm sending unwanted email from Hotmail.

  23skidoo 13:14 07 Jul 2008

Twice a day, at the same time roughly if you use the 12 hour clock, I receive several non delivery reports from the Post Master regarding emails I have never knowingly sent. This has been going on for about two weeks now. I also receive auto replies from other people who have received the emails. They are all from my contacts list. I have used Spybot and AVG, all to no avail and fear that my email address will soon be mud. I have two computers that I use on the net but I don't know which is causing the problem, or even if it is me as am I correct in thinking that Hotmail doesn't reside in my machine. What shall I do?

  mfletch 13:23 07 Jul 2008

Try changing your pass word on your hotmail account just in case someone has access to it??

  silverous 13:32 07 Jul 2008

I'd say it is fairly unlikely that you are actually sending the email or anyone is using your account to do so.

This is a fairly common occurence and is due to the fact that it is quite trivial to send an email with someone else's address in the "from" address. It is likely that a spammer somewhere is sending out emails (not using your hotmail or your PC) with your address as the "from" address and then when he/she sends to non existent addresses it bounces back to you.

Happens to us all from time to time, just ignore it.

  Batch 13:37 07 Jul 2008

Whatever is happening (and whatever the initial source), it is almost certainly outside your PC now.

It is not uncommon for spam (and even viruses etc.) to be sent out masquerading as non-delivery reports. The b*st$%ds that send these out know that people are more likely to open what they think is a non-delivery report rather than something that is more obviously spam.

It could also be that someone has latched onto a list of names / addresses due to emails being forwarded without removing the previous addressees / CCs. Hence the auto replies etc.

Certainly won't do any harm to change your hotmail password to reduce chance of future incidences.

  23skidoo 14:05 07 Jul 2008

Thanks for the reassurance, I'll change my password straight away.

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