I'm on the market for a TFT!

  duplo 13:06 15 Aug 2003


I have decided to take the plunge and get myself a TFT screen. I have been reading up on them and looking into different modles and brands.

The one I think is best value is the LG L1710B 17ins TFT Digital, since it has a faily fast response time of 20MS and a 500:1 contrast ratio which i think is good. It also 250 cd/m2 image brightness, which I dont understand actually. Is this any good... I watch DVD's quite alot and the odd game... but most of the time is it for my Uni work.

It seems good value at £338 inc Vat for a digital TFT from a good brand (I think LG is good!).

Are any other suggestions for this price bracket (up to £350 inc Vat). Also... what does 250 cd/m2 mean and is it any good?


  barrie_g 13:11 15 Aug 2003

LG is a pretty new brand (last 5 years or so) but they are building up a good rep for reliable products, 250cd/m2 is "250 candelas per meter squared" its a measure of how much light teh screen produces and 250 is fine you wont need it on max.

  duplo 13:18 15 Aug 2003

Ahh... good. I like bright screens!

  Tenner 13:23 15 Aug 2003

This weeks WinXP Made Easy ( #66) has a section p118 on some TFT screens, but they start at your LG 's price. However, it might be a good read next time you're in the newsagents - 6 are discussed and scored on a double page spread - could give you some background info.


  Djohn 13:34 15 Aug 2003

Another good thing, not often mentioned. CRT displays always seem to need to be set at 100% Contrast, [Can't fathom out why they bother to include a control] then adjust brightens to suit. With a TFT you will find that you can set both to 50% then adjust either a little, up/down to your liking.

Mine is set at 48% brightness and 52% Contrast. and of course no reflection from the screen, all goes to make a nice picture to look at. j.

  bus man 14:14 15 Aug 2003

mine came in the bundle from carrera an nec lcd 1501 about £170 + vat from skytronic.com. Easy to use , looks nice tidy buttons mounting options

  Tenner 17:47 15 Aug 2003

Just out of your reach - isn't it always the case ? - is a 19in at dabs on special offer - worth a look ?

Back in April there was a thread :
click here
which contained some comments on TFT v. CRT, which may be of use - depending on your intended use

Hope it helps


  duplo 13:33 17 Aug 2003

OK... I am about to order the TFT screen. I cant decide between an LG L1710B 17ins TFT Digital and a NEC 1760NX 17ins TFT also digital but without a suplied cable (where can I get this from and are they all the same?).

The LG has a 500:1 contrast, the NEC a 450:1. LG: 20ms response time, NEC 16ms. I doubt I could tell the difference either way.

Some reviews seem to point at the LG, others at the NEC.

Has anyone here had any expereince? Also- the Digital cable for the NEC- i dont know which and where to buy!


  accord 14:03 17 Aug 2003

wait for the next issue (issue 108 October) of PC Pro which has a group test on 17" TFTs. The LG L1800PK won the Labs Winner award with the ADi A715 receiving the recommended award and the Sharp LL-T17D3B receiving the best value award.

  duplo 14:11 17 Aug 2003

I need to order it befor I go away as I got strait back to Uni when I get back and my dad is keeping my old monitor. I have settled on the NEC I believe. I've found the right cable.

I am now excited... I'll let you know how I go!


  duplo 10:30 20 Aug 2003

Well I got the NEC TFT and I love it... very very nice. Unfortunatley there is one dead pixle which is a pain! Never mind, it's blue and not to prominant!

Also got a new case... a "coolmaster wavemaster" and a new PSU from Antec. All assembled. Am very happy! Would recomend it!

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