I'm having trouble building my pc.

  Luke 78 14:22 28 Aug 2010

Hello. I have the below components and have, so far as I can see, installed them all correctly. However, my PC displays nothing and shortly after I power it up, it turns itself off. I'd really appreciate any help with this. Thanks.

Motherboard: N15235 Foxconn G31MXP series

CPU: Intel Core2 Quad (on the chip itself it says)

'05 Q6600

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce BFG tech GTX 260 Maxcore 55 OC

Ram: Corsair DDR2 (CM2X2048-6400C5DHX)

Power Supply: X-Power ATX-600TD

Again, any help with this would be really appreciated. Thanks.

  AL47 14:24 28 Aug 2010

does the machine display anything? like a POST screen? or is it just black?

  Luke 78 14:33 28 Aug 2010

Well, I fitted all the components listed in my initial post, made certain they were all in the right slots and sockets, turned it on and the screen was just black. Completely. Then it switched itself off.

I tried replacing the components with my older equipment, (starting with the graphics card, then the ram, then CPU) then the machine would boot up, display as normal but then switch itself off after a few minutes. Only when I put in my old 400w PSU (which left me with my old pc exactly as I'd started) has it stayed on.

All off the components I've tried to build with are brand new.

  Luke 78 14:35 28 Aug 2010

I have two identical sticks of ram (the Corsair DDR2)

  AL47 14:37 28 Aug 2010

so this is an upgrade with the above parts?

do you here any beeps at all from inside the machine?

is every psu power cable attached to every component.. graphics card power, hdd, 2 motherboard connectors etc?

  AL47 14:38 28 Aug 2010

oh so it does switch on properly with some part? so all the cables are in then..

im at a loss, except for a PSU issue

  Luke 78 14:43 28 Aug 2010

It's a complete puzzle.

All the components are brand new - except for the mother board. There must be some compatibility issue but I've no idea what it can be.

  AL47 14:49 28 Aug 2010

i cant imagine it being a PSU compatability issue, it is very odd that it works fine with old psu but only changing the PSU to the new one crashes it.. but not instantly!

it really looks like a faulty PSU to me, especially if everything else is the same!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:10 28 Aug 2010

Use New parts with OLD PSU what happens?

  Luke 78 15:13 28 Aug 2010

My old PSU isn't powerful enough to run the graphics card, and I daren't risk trying it I already attempted it in another PC and it fried the motherboard. Also, my old PSU doesn't have the twin six pin plugs needed to power the card.

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