I'm going slightly mad

  woowoowoo 14:01 05 Sep 2005

Having spent all weekend trying to fix my Pc - with loads of help from you guys, its up and running. This morning you helped me find my modem - which wasn't responding, I reloaded its driver and, foolishly thought - "this is it, back online", but no - modem still not responding. When I right click on it and bring up properties it says "cannot read port name from registry" Whats that all about? Any ideas?
One good thing about re-formatting it - I can't remember it loading up that fast before.

  AndySD 14:15 05 Sep 2005

Try adding a comm port in Add/Remove Hardware.

  Chegs ® 14:16 05 Sep 2005

Probably due to incorrect driver.I had a bucketfull of hassle from a PCM NIC on my lappy.Everest/Belarc said it was an "Token-Ring Adapter" so I hunted down every one of the token-ring drivers I could find.I finally got the card working by loading XP,looked in Device Mngr to see what XP said it was(Realtek Family PCI LAN)reloaded 98se,and selected the realtek driver.The laptop went straight on my network 1st boot with the right driver.

  woowoowoo 14:29 05 Sep 2005

But the driver worked before I reformatted. I'll try to find a new driver. I notice that in my system folder, I have little exclaimation marks by pci multimedia audio and video devices and by a pci serial controler. Haven't a clue waht those are, but the modem is a pci 56rvp - any relation?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:36 05 Sep 2005

Shut down the PC

Take out the modem


Shut down

install modem to new pci slot

start up PC

new hardware wizard should come up - point to the drivers you have

  woowoowoo 14:40 05 Sep 2005

Forgive my ignorance, but what is a pci slot?

  Stuartli 14:42 05 Sep 2005

I'm not b-----y surprised...:-))

I've had some exasperating times over the years but...

  woowoowoo 14:47 05 Sep 2005

I think I'm going out to enjoy the weather now, and when I come back and switch on I'm sure it will be fine. Listening to my new Queen CD off Ebay is helping

  Diodorus Siculus 14:50 05 Sep 2005

A pci slot is the slot into which the modem is installed.

Enjoy the weeather...

  woowoowoo 14:55 05 Sep 2005


  Stuartli 15:05 05 Sep 2005

Presumably you supplied the musical backing for Queen - hence the handle...:-)

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