I'm going to self build again ?

  Derek 15:54 19 Jul 2007

I've been using PC's ever since IBM started and been building my PC's ever since.
I now have a problem that somehow cannot be overcome, I won't explain because it's too bothersome !! Surfice it to say that I've had problems ever since I loaded and uninstalled Microsofts Line One care something or other.
So that's that....
I want to spend not too much (an OAP) and I think I need to buy;

Case and PSU.
CPU c/w Sink+fan.
Graphics card.

I would like to re-use my;

Win XP Pro.
2 large HDD's IDE. Maxtors 82 and 300
CD RW Phillips
CD DVD Aopen

You may advise that I have to buy more hardware than I've stated, well that's Ok and I'll take your advice.
My usage is photography, publishing, music production (writing/performing/recording.

So your help would be most appreciated.

Derek Miles.

  hssutton 16:37 19 Jul 2007

I've just done exactly that, also retired. Main use photography.

Spent a little more than necessary, but wanted a reasonable spec m/c. Went for the

Jeantec Aqua case

700w PSU.

Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard

AMD Athlon 64 x 2 Dual Core 3800 AM2 CPU

4 gb ram. Photoshop CS2 & Lightroom, rather memory hungry.

ZALMAN CNPS 9500 AM2 - Processor cooler

Asus Extreme N6200TC/TD 256MB supporting 512MB DDR2 DVI PCI-E Graphics Card.

This cost me £407

I used my existing 2 x 2 Ide drives and 2 Sata drives + my existing 2 x DVD writers and also my memory card reader

Photoshop & Lightroom now a pleasure to use. The case looks rather snazzy also.

  keef66 16:40 19 Jul 2007

Consider a barebones or a motherboard bundle from eg Novatech as a starting point?

Since you wish to recycle your HDD's and optical drives, make sure your new motherboard has 2 IDE connectors

  umbongo(uk) 20:15 19 Jul 2007

derek you give me a price your willing to go to

and ill tally one up

  Derek 20:38 19 Jul 2007

Many thanks to you both, much thought needed on my part. Best regards

  umbongo(uk) 22:12 19 Jul 2007

derek may i enquire what you are upgrading from so im not getting the exact same parts or proccessor rating also what is your old tower like is it that you wish to have a new one

here,s a quick put together
please bear in mind not everything needs to be purchased straight away.
ill explain
using the motherboard with onboard graphics for awhile only buying 1 stick of ram to get the system going as xp runs fine on 512mb and is the recomended for smooth operation if your wondering its stated by microsoft that 128 is bare minimum
now i,ll admit the onboard gfx will take some of this memorey but you can set in the bios how much you want the onboard to usefrom 64mb to 256mb 64mb would be fine if u find it struggling up it to 128mb
you then have 2 possibilitys on your next purchase for you upgrade either more memorey so the onboard grfx wont eat as much or a cheap gfx card in the £30.00 region tht will be fine
making the memorey being used by the onboard being freed up so the operating system can use it
i would always say get an indipendant graphics card so system resources can be fully utilized
but if your on a budget it far better getting another stick of ram then waiting for graphics cards to take another price drop . even if the onboard was using 256mb and you had 1gb ram there would be plenty for xp to use

the main three components need to be bought
heres my list
click here
click here
click here

adding a case well theres a few to choose
click here
click here
click here
just a few but keep an eye out for ones tht say psu comes with 20+4 pin as these will fit the mobo i put . also if they dont show psu pins as in the other catergorie , midi tower case,s just send an email to the company asking if the power supply is a 20+4 pin one and they will send you an email back

everything case and desktop peripherals
click here

hope ive given you enough information dont hesitate to ask anything and remember im only showing you some possibilitys , its your decision if you take the advice ive given but like i say any thing you need to know ask us
good luck with you new pc adventure

  Derek 08:14 21 Jul 2007

Many thanks for what I can only describe as a superb advice paper. You've taken a lot of time and trouble and I've read your input with intense interest.
Going back to a previous question you asked regarding pricing, I thought about £150 to £ 200.

Keef66 advised me to take a look at Novatech which I did and I became interested in the model BB AM 381 GB which was priced at about £150. It's a pity that I couldn't get any information about there MB though. I noticed that their graphics spec used PCI.Express nVidea and when I read it up I became enthused.

You asked me about what I had 'in stock' so to speak, I have a variety of fairly modern cases of the tall type complete with suitable PSU's,
two of my existing working motherboards, whilst working very well, will not accept the more modern CPU's. Memory, I have quite a mix of DDR's but all of the sticks have differing specs.

So it looks as though I'm requiring a decent MB with a matching AMD cpu and some memory of quality along with a graphic card, and keeping in mind what I have read about the PCI Express.

I have a plethora of large HD's of the IDE type which I would like to retain.

Well there we are, again my sincere thanks for all your assistance and my kindest regards Derek Miles.

  umbongo(uk) 12:11 21 Jul 2007

£100 to £200 you could easily buy the computer i showed

now ill do an intel based one
click here
motherboard is matx which means its a small one so should fit any case
click here
click here
1gb of ram
click here
graphics card
click here

price £160,00 ish
and the same with amd am2 platform ill keep it to a minimum of 150 i may be over but hopfully not too much
price £160,00 ish
just use one of your old case,s

with the amd selection just get this duel core instead of the one i originaly posted its on par with the intel offering
click here
then use the ram i linked for the intel build 1gb and the mobo in my original post
add the gfx card form above
total price
£141.47 ish
saving of £20.00 tht could get either more ram or added to get a higher dual core cpu
maybe even a case

like i say tinker with the idea
remember the new cpu should be coming this year so a price drop on the cpu,s may come

one more thing sell your old stuff on ebay or build a machine up n sell it local to raise revenue on the new build
dont forget load it with umbuntu a free operating system if you wish to keep your os

  Derek 11:49 28 Jul 2007

This particular thread has taken some of you a very great deal of time and trouble.

Whilst I'm not out of the trouble spots yet, I am back on the road in a fashion and that makes me very happy.

My simple 'thanks' to you all seems a very easy and convenient way of showing my appreciation and I wished I could shake a few hands. Indeed this thread and problem along with other associated in my name are yet to be fully sorted but all I can say again is thank you.

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