i'm desperate for windows 95 HELP!!!!!!!!

  tonyjo 19:06 17 Dec 2003

has anyone got or know where i can get hold of a full set of windows 95 on floppy disk formated a laptop but cannot load the driver for the CD rom unless windows is installed.

  sil_ver 19:09 17 Dec 2003

Perhaps you could use a W98 boot disk to load the driver unless I'm missing something.

  MAJ 19:09 17 Dec 2003

Have you tried a Win98SE bootdisk, tonyjo, it has generic CD-ROM drivers? Get one from click here

  A15 19:10 17 Dec 2003
  The Spires 19:11 17 Dec 2003

Does not the generic Cd Rom driver contained in the Win 98 & as I remember later Win 95 start floppy work?

  tonyjo 19:12 17 Dec 2003

no its an old laptop early colour tried the 98 boot disk i had a chap in washington USA had the same problem all he could do was load 95 on disk but hes belonged to the pentagon

instal win95 from the CDrom drive on your desktop via a parallell cable using the interlink program in DOS the interlink programs are on the win95 disk or in the oldMSDos folder of a win 98 disk. there are various tutorials on configuring interserver and interlink on the net . just put interlink into google

  Valvegrid 19:47 17 Dec 2003

A colleague at work wanted me to load his Win95 onto his laptop which didn't have a CD rom drive, I used horiz5's idea on MS-DOS InterLink (Interlnk.exe, Intersvr.exe & Interlnk.txt in DOS). It uses a serial cable, so it will take a number of hours, I left it transferring the Win95 files over night to the HD. It does require having DOS 6.22 installed on both the client and server machines.

In the morning I just run setup, it worked a treat.

  Valvegrid 19:48 17 Dec 2003

BTW you can get a copy of Interlnk.exe from here:

click here

  tonyjo 19:51 17 Dec 2003

thanks to one and all problem solved via DOS merry xmas to you all

if you can get a parallel cable instead of a serial cable it will seriously reduce the time taken.

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