i'm confused!!

  mad1234 11:13 22 Aug 2006

quite frankly thats not hard!
i posted this on webdesign forum but i'm hopeing for a better response on here.

i want to build a web site but i am confused what is best to use
there are so many different programs to build websites & then there is html, dhtml, java script etc.
i could really do with some recomendations as to which free(preferably)web builder to use & advice on what html, dhtml & java script are

your advice would be much appreciated

  ArrGee 11:24 22 Aug 2006

You may find a better response if you post this on the Webdesign forum.

  jacquisue 11:24 22 Aug 2006

I use these people click here

Free and simple to follow. You don't need to know any fancy jargon or HTML. I built my website using their simple tools and okay may not be the greatest but I'm happy with it!

click here

  AndySD 11:42 22 Aug 2006

Have you chosen s Web Host yet as they may offer you a free program or Look on the cd's on PC magazines. I believe Net Objects Fusion is relitavly simple to start with.

  Sethhaniel 11:45 22 Aug 2006

hope that program handles graphics a bit better
your picture 3" X 4" comes in at a 14mb bmp
could convert that to same size in jpg or gif at 100 times smaller size ;)

  mad1234 11:55 22 Aug 2006

tried that first then tried here as i still have had no response from Webdesign forum

  Stuartli 12:01 22 Aug 2006

>>You may find a better response if you post this on the Webdesign forum.>>

But mad1234 already has done just that...:-)

He says so in the second paragraph.

  ArrGee 12:09 22 Aug 2006


  jacquisue 12:44 22 Aug 2006

Hehee..I'm a novice, okay! Self-taught with an NVQ in Stupid.

  Belatucadrus 12:53 22 Aug 2006

Some freebies to try :-
click here Serif WebPlus 6. Good general purpose package.
click here Website Mentor, bit odd, but it'll do the job.
click here WYSIWYG web builder 2, another with an idiosyncratic approach, but very easy to use.
click here NVU is very capable, but will need a bit of practise to get to grips with properly.

A bit of HTML knowledge is a good idea even with a WYSIWYG web site creator. Purists will argue that all websites should be written in HTML with notepad, I think that's excessive.
Java is a pain in the bum and probably best ignored at this stage, trying to learn it at this point could put you off web design for life.

  brundle 12:53 22 Aug 2006

Nvu click here, simple to use and there are a few simple tutorials, lots more info all over the net; used it for my own site (30mb free with blueyonder) which is basic but does the job, little prior knowledge of HTML.

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