Im building a PC but wud it b cheaper 2 just buy 1

  Piggy,Piggy 13:45 01 Jan 2003
  Piggy,Piggy 13:45 01 Jan 2003

I am considering building my own PC, but I am wondering if it would be cheaper just 2 buy one off a manufacturer. The problem I hav is I have already shelled out for Win XP and I don't want to pay for it preloaded. Im looking at about a

Athlon XP 1700+
512mb PC3200
Radeon 9500Pro / GF4 Ti 4200/4400 128mb
60gb 7200rpm hdd
52/24/52x CDRW
17" Flat CRT Monitor
4.1/5.1 Speakers
No Scanner

If anyone could offer their ideas I would be very grateful, because another problem Ive found is getting such a precise system off manufacturers.

  recap 13:49 01 Jan 2003

Piggy,Piggy, by shopping around either online or the high street you can generaly get the parts cheaper than a manufactured system.

  barrie_g 13:52 01 Jan 2003

The main advantage about self build is that you get exactly the system you are after, the type of cd burner you want, so on and so forth.

if your not to particular about the make of hdd etc. then buy a system, if you want it all done your way then do it your self.

  Elrond 13:52 01 Jan 2003

I agree with recap, shop around for the cheapest parts of the spec you want. Add it all together and compare with pre-built system. At the end of the day if you build your own you know what's in there and only u can fix it. aAnother factor is if you want all the software that comes with a pre-built. You've already got XP and if you've got your office apps aswell then your set.

  €dstow 13:53 01 Jan 2003

Even if it's not cheaper, you will know that you have good quality parts inside (not always the case with bought ones) and you will also have the satisfaction of being able to say "I built it myself".


  Elrond 13:54 01 Jan 2003

Again as Barrie_g says, looking at the components you've set out it looks like you know exactly what you want. Plus it does feel good to boot up a fully operational PC that you built all on your own,

  Forum Editor 13:57 01 Jan 2003

Possibly, but not definitely.

Manufacturers benefit from economies of scale - they buy processors and components in hundreds, if not thousands over the course of a year, and they pay less than you do. They have wages to pay out of course, and you don't, neither do you have to run a factory or pay for advertising and distribution, so you beat them hands down when it comes to production and marketing costs.

All this tends to level the playing field a bit when it comes to building costs, but of course the manufacturer has the benefit (usually) of a good deal more experience in knowing which components work well together. This can result in a far more stable machine, and one that may well perform far better, and for longer.

I used to build all my personal and office machines, and quite a few for my clients, but I haven't done so for quite a while. Apart from not having the time to do it any more I began to find that I could buy a machine that was just as good, and probably a little cheaper - or cost about the same - from a manufacturer. That's what I do now, and I have had no cause for regret - modern manufactured machines are extremely good on the whole.

  SDJ 13:59 01 Jan 2003

Having a been working on my computer too much this morning as I think I am seeing things!
Piggy Piggy wants to know if its cheaper to build or buy a new computer yet in another thread you say you have this [email protected]%t shot machine already!

Man you must be a hard gamer I can only use one machine at a time. click here

  recap 14:09 01 Jan 2003

SDJ, just came back to this posting to see if I was seeing thing? No you are right Piggy Piggy has it already.

  Piggy,Piggy 14:53 01 Jan 2003

I want a dedicated games machine and a seperate one for my work and for everyone else, I hate it when people who don't no how to use computers muck up my system

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