im Being dumb and need to know something

  needhelp 14:28 20 Jan 2003
  needhelp 14:28 20 Jan 2003

i have a half built computer at the moment the only thing i dont have is a graphics card cause im waiting for the connect 3d 9500 pro.i still have to save up for it aswell.could i plug my monitor into one of the serial ports on my Gigabyte kt400 has 2 serial ports and in the manual it says serial ports. Vga and other *[email protected]: u can connect to it .would it work just so i can install everything on my computer for the mean time.

  theone 14:39 20 Jan 2003

Does your m/board have onboard graphics ? That's the only way you could use the PC until the new graphics card arrives. check out your manual.

  Djohn 14:40 20 Jan 2003

The Gigabyte kt400 has built in sound on the Board, but I'm not sure about graphics, it would need this to work without a separate video card. J.

  needhelp 14:42 20 Jan 2003

im not sure all i know is that is says in the manual under serial ports Vga/joystick and other irrelevant crap.

  jazzypop 14:45 20 Jan 2003

Plugging the monitor into the serial port will cause you nothing except (maybe) a lot of grief. It appears that the mobo does not have onboard graphics, so you will either have to buy a cheap graphics card for now, or borrow an old one.

  duplo 14:53 20 Jan 2003

If there is no onboard Graphics and you want to start off using it asap I would buy the cheapest graphics card I could find and is it in the mean time. You can get ones for under £20

click here

ie: Inno3D Tornado TNT2 M64 AGP 32Mb: £19.19
Its a decent enough card if all you need it for is setting it up.

  Djohn 14:55 20 Jan 2003

I have just had a look on the website for you and as jazzypop says, it does not have built in graphics. I also found reference to Vga/joystick, but no mention of "and other irrelevant..." :o)

  flecc 15:00 20 Jan 2003

Mail me using the envelope icon by my name and I'll send you a 3DFX 32 mb MX graphics card and installation CD, surplus to my requirements. This performs well and will keep you going meanwhile. When you've finished with it, give it away to someone else to help them in turn.

I've got a Radeon 9700 and a Radeon All-in-Wonder on my two machines.

regards, Tony (flecc)

  Djohn 15:10 20 Jan 2003

click here The above post confirms everything said, and I feel it will do no harm for people to read again. Regards, J.

  Rtus 16:05 20 Jan 2003

Wrong Flecc Its HIM (flecc)

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