I'm after a laptop...

  Josquius 20:27 07 Aug 2006

Yeah pretty open topic. I'm looking to spend £500 max- its just to be a secondary computer for work and all seperate from my main computer.

I've never had a laptop before and I'm wondering about a few things:
What makes are good and bad? Do they all have godo and bad points? Is there never any difference? The ones I'm looking at right now are mainly packard bell, a HP is also a consideration.
What does different processor speeds mean in terms of proper processors? I've heard a 1200 on a laptop is like a 2ghz on a big computer for instance.

  Jak_1 20:56 07 Aug 2006

Basically, how long is a piece of string! As you only want it for a secondry computer then I take it that it is not required for heavy graphics use. Advent do a reasonable one for around the £350 mark. All depends upon what you require the thing to do.

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  silverous 21:36 07 Aug 2006

Have a look round on here. Unfortunately I don't think you can search and then order results by date (as I tried myself) on the forum but there are many recent threads on this exact topic, here's 3 to start you:

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As I've said in at least one of those, I don't think you can beat Acer at that price point. Someone at work wanted a recommendation and I recommended this plus the associated 3 year warranty:

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The different makes do have good and bad points. Sony tend to be great designs and some unique features and good screens. IBM tend to be very robust and reliable. Acer are 'value' (but good quality in my experience). Dell have laptops across the range. I don't think you can compare processors that easily - just get the best you can for your budget.

  Josquius 22:31 07 Aug 2006

What of packard bell and hp?
I remember back when packard bell were big they weren't well regarded, have they improved whilst in the wilderness ala apple (one of the cheapest ibooks was a big consideration- it would have jus been a uber expensive toy though...)

Never heard of this 'acer'...hmm.

  Josquius 22:32 07 Aug 2006

hey that thread mentions haggle with dell...huh? How on earth does this happen? Do they make them to spec? I thought they had certain types.

  BT 08:24 08 Aug 2006

Tesco have some ACERs from £299 upwards

  silverous 09:35 08 Aug 2006

Packard bell laptops ... I don't recall even seeing any, not something they are 'big' on IMHO.

HP laptops are fine although at this price point I'd argue you'll get more for your money with Acer without significant drop in quality/service.

Acer are huge, see here:

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They appear to have focussed on producing quality laptops at the 'budget' end of the market, in my opinion they have succeeded.

Dell have a dual core laptop with 1GB ram for about 519 in the newspapers this morning, if you aren't worried about warranty you could do a lot worse than that also.

  Josquius 11:15 08 Aug 2006

How does dell not have warranty?

Dual core does sound interesting...One I'm looking at is a PB 1gb ram in dixons for £499, the processor is only something like 1.6 though. I bet the battery life wouldn't be up to much though.

There was one question to ask: How much would ram upgrades cost in laptops? I am comparing prices and am unsure how much laptop ram is 'worth'.

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