Illegal OS

  bluto1 22:33 29 Apr 2006

Today I bought a PC from a friend of mine (RAF) who is being posted abroad. (£35.00) Trouble is, the OS is an illegal copy of XP Pro. He gave me a System recovery disc for Win Millenium and said that this was originally on the PC. I`ve no problems about running this disc but he has asked me if he could save the photographs on the HDD. I want this PC for my Greatniece and I`d like to save his photos, so is there anyone out there who can help. All help is greatly appreciated.

  square eyes 22:39 29 Apr 2006

take them off by burning onto cd or borrow an external HDD from someone to transfer, then put them back on after new (legal) OS has been put on

Am i missing something here?

  phono 00:01 30 Apr 2006

Let him save the photos himself, why should you be saddled with the problem.

  Diodorus Siculus 00:14 30 Apr 2006

Does the pc function ok? If so, take any data off as square eyes suggests and then install the recovery disk software.

  bluto1 09:53 30 Apr 2006

Thanks everyone. I do agree agree with your sentiments phono, but I`ll save them for him. I know what its like to lose a lot of photos.

  fleamailman 09:56 30 Apr 2006

In fact you have two jobs there since millenium is not gong to be supported by Microsoft from July 1st., so it is a choice between an old unsupported legal os and a unsupported ilegal os. As this comp is for someone else then I would buy a legal copy of XPhome but no doubt ms will stop supporting that too in a few years time.

  bluto1 19:00 30 Apr 2006

My plan is to wipe XP Pro, reinstall XP Millenium with the System recovery disc and I think it`ll then qualify for an upgrade copy of XP Home. Thats the plan.......

  phono 20:06 30 Apr 2006

I would advise a clean install, forget about the update route if possible.

  bluto1 21:04 30 Apr 2006

I have to ask Why?

  phono 21:15 30 Apr 2006

An clean install will usually always leave you with a more stable machine with a nice lean registry, an upgrade install can lead to instability problems, I think if you ask any of the experts on the forum they would advise a clean install.

  spuds 21:18 30 Apr 2006

If you eventually want to have XP Home on the computer, then go for oem XP Home from somewhere like Ebuyer, and do a clean install. It will work out much cheaper and save time, going the upgrade route will achieve very little in the long term.

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