SANAP 15:47 14 Feb 2004

I tried to load a game CALL OF DUTY last night and as usual it failed to run, freezes. I did all the usual, new drivers, closed everything, changed resolution etc etc. In the end I uninstalled it. However I am now getting illegal operation with outlook and opera.

The text is

"Opera caused an exception 03h in module NVIEW.DLL at 0187:10001001 and then it list a few registers.

The thing is that NVIEW is for the new video drivers!! I am using win98se, 700e pentium111,since nov 99 and have religously kept it up to date. Is there anyway I can fix this illegal operation without a total re-install?

I am using AVANTI just now and as yet it has not closed!!


  anon1 15:54 14 Feb 2004

Try repairing opera. Also you could try reinstalling the graphics drivers

  Rayuk 15:55 14 Feb 2004

What is the rest of your system Call of Duty is a high spec pc game.

Your cpu is minimum,what graphics card and ram do you have?

  anon1 15:56 14 Feb 2004

look click here
you may have to join but its free

  SANAP 17:05 14 Feb 2004

thanks for replies, it is GEFORCE256 32MB, 384MB RAM but I had lots of trouble with UNREAL TOURNAMENT, loads of crashes so I gave up on games. Got a second hard disk and thought I would give COD a try but no good either. Maybe PC is too old. Probaly needs a good clearout but I have laods of bits I bought over the net like OPERA, ADAWRE. MUSICMATCH, TROJAN and no doubt a few others, plus all the drivers I have updated. It would take me a week to re-build and I got loads of grief when I installed ADSL modem., in fact I get a lot of groef at times.

I tried that link and it is saying I new new video drivers but I downloaded new last night!!

Anyone who can suggest a tweak that will get that game going will be my hero but I think I am dashed.


  hugh-265156 17:12 14 Feb 2004

install direct x9b from the cod disc.

try driver cleaner to remove all traces of nvidia drivers click here and reinstall them again.

if up to date drivers are causing the problem try a slightly older version maybe.

  Rayuk 17:57 14 Feb 2004

May run but would have to be on lowest settings.
Defrag close any running progs whereever possible.

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