Illegal Explorer again!

  pcbobby 09:54 28 Jul 2005

Using the Repair facility in the ADD/REMOVE on the Control Panel, I have been able to temporarily stop the error message (as below) appearing on the screen when I access the Internet.
But, after a few times on the Internet, the message reappears again, as follows.

EXPLORER caused an exception c06d007eH in module SENS.DLL at 017f:6010857f.

I have ‘repaired’ it so often now, that I have now resorted to sliding the message to the side of the screen, so that I can carry on surfing.
Yes, I could just hit the ‘ CLOSE ‘ button to get rid of the message, but when I disconnect from the net, I am confronted by an angry ‘Desktop’, saying, RESTORE MY ACTIVE DESKTOP!!

How best can I eradicate this pest?


  pcbobby 14:54 28 Jul 2005

PS. I am using version 6 of OE & IE
The OS is Windows 98SE

  Cuddles 15:30 28 Jul 2005

The sens.dll library is used by windows when performing synchronization with mobile devices using SENS (System Event Notification Service). The library file sens.dll, is required for synchronization (using SENS) to function correctly. If you don't perform any form of sychronization between devices, you can safely remove this file.

  woodchip 15:39 28 Jul 2005

My answer was to turn to using Netscape 7.2 as I got fed up with having to repair IE all the time. Netscape is also a better mail client.

  pcbobby 16:13 28 Jul 2005

Thank you Cuddles for your contribution. As woodchip can bear witness, I am only a degree or two above novice.
The file that you mention, how do i best find and delete it?

woodchip, I note your suggestion. I may well try Netscape if I get any more grief from Explorer.

  Cuddles 10:29 29 Jul 2005

Go to START then FIND type in sens.dll make sure the "C" drive is in location for search, when it is found click on it and delete it

  pcbobby 15:57 29 Jul 2005

Cuddles. Apologies for late return.
I found two files ; sens.dll.
One file in C:\ Windows\ system.
And one in C:\ Windows\ VCM

Which one do I delete?

  David4637 16:07 29 Jul 2005

When he tells you which one to delete DON'T delete it but rename to sens.old. If his fix works, then after 2 weeks of zero problems, then you can delete it. David

  Cuddles 16:12 29 Jul 2005

Delete both of them, you can rename them if you want to.

  pcbobby 16:51 29 Jul 2005

Thank you David4637 and Cuddles.

I shall have a go and report back.

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