Illegal copy of xp pro

  COLIN-234466 12:21 12 May 2007

Hi .I bought a illegal copy of xp pro which ran for about 2 weeks before getting messages to say it was a illegal copy .got full refund including postage.Anyway i have still got reload disc for xp home sp1 and licence key but not original disc and was wondering if there is any way to put it on this system without original disc only reload disc .Going to wait about 6 months before instaling vista . thanks

  Strawballs 12:24 12 May 2007

What do you mean by reload disc? System recovery which should have windows on it or was it just a disc to boot to a recovery partition that you have now formatted when installing the copy of pro?

  COLIN-234466 12:32 12 May 2007

when i bought my other system wich was a time computer it came with xp home pre-installed and a reload disc . i would like to transfer it to this system which has a ileegal copy of xp pro with no disc as sent it back for refund . is it possible to put xp home on this system as a new instal. thanks

  spuds 13:26 12 May 2007

If you now have a genuine XP disk, then reformat and do a new install.You should then have a 'clean' computer.

  MAJ 13:57 12 May 2007

"is it possible to put xp home on this system as a new instal. thanks"

No, Not using a Time Restore (reload) disk, you need to buy a genuine XP disk, it can be an OEM disk though, which are the cheapest.

  COLIN-234466 14:12 12 May 2007

thanks maj . thats what i wanted to know how-ever will wait till vista probs get ironed out should not be long now. thanks to every-one cheers ninnian

  birdface 14:42 12 May 2007

If you have the Genuine keycode ,You may borrow XP Home disc from a friend or familly and use that,You will have to phone microsoft with the keycode when you are finished,I can see no problems with that.

  COLIN-234466 15:04 12 May 2007

Hi buteman the compter that had xp-home on it is about 7 years old so would the disc i borrow have to be about the same age. i think it was sp1 or would a sp2 be ok .it is a genuine key-code as it has been validated .it is only till i buy a vista operating system . thanks ninnian

  birdface 15:11 12 May 2007

As long as its XP Home And a Genuine disc.You will get all the up-dates plus SP1+2 from microsoft when you Validate the keycode.

  COLIN-234466 15:34 12 May 2007

Thanks buteman . i know i will have to phone microsoft and tell them i have upgraded my mother-board and validate the keycode but i also thought that it would have to be the same copy of the original disc or am i wrong in thinking this.

  birdface 16:07 12 May 2007

I am probably wrong but I thought all XP Home edition disc's were the same,Someone will probably put you right.

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