illegal copy?

  conrail 14:27 27 Oct 2006

I ordered software from ebay on the pay now option, I then received an email from ebay saying "eBay Listing Removed:(=IB &12361 JM75656210)has been removed by eBay for breaching of one or more of our policies. Any offers or bids placed on this Fixed Price listing are now null and void. You don't have to complete the transaction. For privacy reasons, I can't tell you exactly why the item was removed.
If you've already paid for the item here's what you can do now:
1) Contact the seller
2) Contact your payment provider
3) Report that the matter hasn't been resolved"

I contacted the seller to cancel and instructed my bank to stop payment, this they did, I purchased the software elsewhere, I have now received the software and it is obviously a copy not an original disc, I have contacted the seller to complain but no reply, now I find paypal have paid the money to the seller and removed my bank account details, I have complained to ebay and paypal but as yet no reply, the paypal form I complated says it can take 30 days, can anyone advise me as to what else I can do, all help gratefully accepted

  spuds 14:57 27 Oct 2006

I hate to say this, but you are now in the hands of PayPal, and they have very strange ways of dealing with problems, in relation to complaints or disputes.

Normally when you put in a complaint or dispute, eBay transfer the administration of resolving the problem over to PayPal, if they made payments for you. PayPal will try to obtain a refund from the seller's account, and if the seller's account is closed, due to lack of funds, then direct from the seller. It's a long drawn out method, hence the 30 days. In the end you may still be on a loser, due to PayPal's administration charges, and complicated way of dealing with matters.

You say that you informed the seller and the bank to stop payment, "this they did". What do you actually mean?... If I suspect that PayPal are owed money, then this can get further complicated, and PayPal may hold you responsible for payments, they have previously made.

Sorry to not be more implicate, but things can get very complicated, in an action like this. If you still have the copy of the software, then perhaps contacting the manufacturer/distributor may help, as this could result in them taking action against the seller. eBay should be fully aware of possible infringements of this software, due to their removal procedures.

If this all sounds confusing, then come back for further help and advice.

  conrail 15:11 27 Oct 2006

thanks spuds, on the list above, item 2 says contact your payment provider, my bank, they stopped payment and now paypal have cancelled my account, I wouldn't care if I had been careless but I read the sellers histoty and it was excellent, not a bad word in the last 6 months then 1 negative responce in a year and that was lost in transit, who do I complain to regarding this pirated software? I am not letting these people get away with ripping me off,

  spuds 15:31 27 Oct 2006

Regarding piracy complaints, you could contact any/all of the following links for further help and advice Microsoft click here BSA click here SIIA click here

The actual product, if well known, should have a distributor or contact details. Possibly on the side of a box, jewel case or Google search!.

  spuds 15:34 27 Oct 2006

Whoops, error with Microsoft link. Try click here

  conrail 15:43 27 Oct 2006

thanks spuds, it is actually corel paint shop pro X, I have looked on corel's site but could not find anything

  Marleyman 17:37 27 Oct 2006

Federation Against Software Theft
click here
Give them the sellers details and they may pay him a visit, if you know what I mean.

  xania 20:05 27 Oct 2006

If you paid via Paypal, I assume you have paid by Credit Card? If so, challenge the payment with them.

  conrail 21:07 27 Oct 2006

thanks Marleyman, I have emailed the seller and told them that I intend to report them but want my money back 1st
thanks xania, I have contacted ebay and paypal to register my complaint and asked for my money back, waiting replies from all parties

  spuds 21:47 27 Oct 2006

Corel UK click here

  conrail 21:58 27 Oct 2006

thanks spuds

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