Ilegal version of Windows ;how much help allowed?

  p;3 22:52 04 Dec 2010

If it is suspected that an individual has a non legit version of Windows loaded ( suspect that License key may not be theirs)up to what point can help be given and, if help is given and we find the Windows version is a 'crack',does all support have to be withdrawn?

Where do we 'stand' on this please ?

  woodchip 23:13 04 Dec 2010

The Law is strait forward, as is the Forum directions. Conscience is another matter

  Border View 23:16 04 Dec 2010

None in this forum. (If my interpretation of forum rules and law is correct)

  rdave13 23:22 04 Dec 2010

If the version of Windows is found to be illegal then you will get the chance from Microsoft to buy a legal licence, if I remember correctly, when the key is not verified.

  woodchip 23:26 04 Dec 2010

It does not need to say anything about Illegal version of Windows in the forum rules. but you can read between the lines that still point to it. Do you need to have everything put down on paper to know what's right and wrong

  p;3 23:32 04 Dec 2010

I am not concerned about this forum's Rules as such as the individual I am dealing with is not on this forum ; I am seeking assistance from my fellow computerites on this forum

What does the Law say on this ( UK Law); I need a quote from somewhere so I know where I stand when I withdraw support and can tell the individual that it is in fact illegal and liable to proscecution if assistance is given with a computer known to be running an illegal version of Windows ;I have still had no definitive reply as to the update from the Windows Microsoft site and its validation by this individual and they are fighting shy of replying to the License Key issue .....

  rdave13 23:47 04 Dec 2010

I should fight shy back and offer no help until the software is validated and activated. Helping with stolen goods is called being an accessory I think.

  User-312386 07:14 05 Dec 2010

I have a better idea for you, go to activate windows for this person and when validation fails, say you can no longer help them as there version is not genuine!

  p;3 07:20 05 Dec 2010

'I have a better idea for you, go to activate windows for this person and when validation fails, say you can no longer help them as there version is not genuine!'

I actually left a note for this individual for them to go to the Validation site and to let us know what message they get when they reply as yet!!

  gengiscant 08:08 05 Dec 2010

Let us not jump to conclusions here, I recently booted my PC to have the message displayed in the lower right hand corner that my copy of Windows 7 was not a legal copy. This copy has been legal and activated for over a year and was purchased from Amazon.

To cut a long story short, being unable to activate due to the obscure error messages and codes so beloved by Microsoft.

A quick aside why is it no matter what the BSOD error code the normal advice is that it must be a RAM problem?

Anyway back to my problem, the simplest and quickest way I solved it was to do a clean install of Windows 7 which activated as it should,problem solved.

He may indeed have a cracked copy, but he may also have a similar problem to my own. A simple attempt to activate on-line might give a definitive answer to the windows being legitimate or not. So until all avenues have been explored lets not jump to the wrong conclusion.

  morddwyd 08:20 05 Dec 2010

I would have thought a quick phone call to Microsoft would be quicker and easier than a full reinstall!

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