is this ilegal - just to check

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 13:21 23 Oct 2004

hi all,would it be ilegal if i re-installed windows XP (thats already installed) on the same computer,its just my harddrive has been filled up with junk,and re-activate with it being just checking

  PSF 13:29 23 Oct 2004

Yes it is ok, just remember to have all your drivers handy. You will also need to re-install all the service packs.

  Salinger 13:31 23 Oct 2004

Re-installing on the same computer will give you the option to reformat your drive thus wiping it clean. Perfectly legal.

  Dorsai 13:43 23 Oct 2004

No problems at all.

When you re-register with m/s they check your activation key with their records. They see that it has been used, and use a checking procedure to see if it is being re-installed on the same pc it is on record as being installed on. In your case is is the same PC, so no problem.

full details of the so called 'hardware hash' system m/s use, click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 14:30 23 Oct 2004

are the OEM and retail activation different?.i prefered in the older OS where you just had to type a ID i don't like calling up on that lady.'press 1 if you would like to activate your software 2 if you would like to activate your server.bla bla bla.cheers all.ben

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