Iiyama VM Pro 413 17" CRT & screen coating problem

  Giggle n' Bits 13:48 21 Dec 2004

I have just cleaned the dust away from the screen with a gentle soft cloth.

I have noticed 2 sections on the screen where the screen coating seems to be comming off it looks fairly horrible. Its more noticeable when the monitor is of with a black background but can also be seen when on.

Would this kind of problem be covered under a 3 year Iiyama CRT Warranty I wonder ?

  mgmcc 13:55 21 Dec 2004

The monitor wasn't by any chance supplied with a thin removable protective 'masking' that you should have removed before use? Often it isn't realised that some components actually have this protection applied.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:10 21 Dec 2004

its "not" got a protective plastic thing on the screen. I purchased it in May 03

  OwenLotts 14:48 21 Dec 2004

Does it look like the surface has been rubbed?

My Iiyama 411 looks like it peeling at the top two corners. Its not but it looks like it has been....

  Giggle n' Bits 15:23 21 Dec 2004

broke glass, what rubbed description is ? er its as if there is a greese mark but there isn't.

  OwenLotts 15:34 21 Dec 2004

Yeah sounds like the same as my one. The bits where the coating is coming off the image underneath looks brighter?

I've contacted Iiyama - they are pretty good at responding...

  Diemmess 15:35 21 Dec 2004

Surely it has to be superficial. There are such things as anti-glare coatings, but why not speak to Ilyama direct?

  OwenLotts 15:43 21 Dec 2004


superficial - yes

Ugly and distracting - definately....

  GCR 16:17 21 Dec 2004

I had a much worse problem with mine. I gently cleaned it with a proprietry monitor screen cleaner and this left great streaks where the coating came off. The only way I could make it usable was to use a car paint rubbing compund and take the rest off.
(I'm probably being irradiated now every time I use it).

  Giggle n' Bits 19:49 21 Dec 2004

erh the instruction manual with Iiyama screens states also do not use screen fluid & use a soft cloth. Its probably about the 3rd gentle wipe over of the screen and its taken this coating of the left bottom corner & top centre middle in blotches.

Its totally an eyes sore and pain when there is a bit of light/sun comming from behind when looking at the screen as you notice it most.

Contacted Iiyama today but know one was available on customer support and a email was not replied to.

If they are on holiday at Iiyama I would prefer they state this.

  Henmin 23:46 21 Dec 2004

SAMSUNG 17" SyncMaster 755DF - I have the same problem with my Monitor. Well mine is over 3 years old. If you put the Curser underneath the mark it looks as if it is underneath a glass. In the rest of the monitor surface the curser looks normal - as it on the screen.


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