iiyama Problem

  Lotty 20:25 01 Oct 2004

I have just purchased a iiyama Prolite E434S, I have downloaded latest drivers for my Radeon 9600, and have also turned off power management features, but when I boot up the display remains blank and does not show the desktop, I am running XP. Any ideas please.

  Diemmess 20:36 01 Oct 2004

If merely blank,it would seem the video card to computer and display is in order.

Have you looked to see if there is a problem in Device Manager? Just possible the latest drivers are loaded badly and the result doesn't "make sense" to the hardware.

The resolution is probably meant to be set high, but even if not, there should be something on the screen.

Finally and forgive the question, but is there a power-on light and does it show green or amber?

  Lotty 20:42 01 Oct 2004

Hi Diemmess,
I did mean blank, I have checked in device manager and there is no problem there, the power on light is green when this occurs.


  Diemmess 20:57 01 Oct 2004

A mite stoopid here! You can hardly fiddle with device manager unless you are using the old monitor.

Ypu could try removing the drivers and see if the new monitor comes up with a display of sorts.

If it doesn't work even after that, it may be that your nice new monitor (and it's rare) is d.o.a.

But then someone else may notice this post and come up with a really sensible suggestion ........I hope so.

  Lotty 21:05 01 Oct 2004

No it is me being silly here, I forgot to mention that when I have booted up and are looking at a blank screen, if I turn the monitor off and back on again hey presto! I see the desktop.

  Diemmess 21:08 01 Oct 2004

Now that is a different problem ...... I'm flummoxed.

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