IImporting from Sony Audiotape recorder to laptop

  sheila.weston 15:21 15 Feb 2011

I have some audio tapes which I would like to copy to an external hard drive via my laptop. They were recorded in a Sony Tape Recorder.

Is there any way to do this without buying an extra piece of equipment? I have a cable which I used when I had a desktop computer. It has a jackplug at each end, but the laptop hasn't got a suitable socket.

  Woolwell 16:36 15 Feb 2011

Does it not have a line-in socket? What make and model?

  eedcam 18:38 15 Feb 2011

probably you have a microphone input not exactly the best way to do it but if you have and run from the headphone socket on the player you might with care on the input level get away with it

  sheila.weston 10:48 16 Feb 2011

Many thanks.

I have just realised that I *do* have a microphone socket and one next to it is presumably the line-in socket??.

It is a Toshiba Laptop L350-171, just over a year old. I was hoping that I could do it via the USB socket. There is one other socket which is squarish - possibly to do with a network?

I spoke to Maplins who said that they could sell me something costing £40, which I don't want to buy as I have only about ten tapes to transfer.

Tapes will be obsolescent soon, I think, and I want to have them copied to another medium like DVD.They are mainly speech connected with Family History.

I'l try the microphone socket. Is there a better way, eedcam?

  bremner 10:51 16 Feb 2011

The "one next to it" will be the headphone socket (Output).

  robin_x 12:39 16 Feb 2011

If you or friend/relative have CD/mini-hifi/hi-fi with line-in socket, you could get it onto audio CD then rip it onto computer.

  robin_x 12:45 16 Feb 2011

Sorry needs CD recorder to do that. I think I am talking rubbish.

  sheila.weston 15:35 16 Feb 2011

Hm....... I thought I was getting somewhere.

I attached the Tape recorder to the microphone socket on the laptop, opened Audacity and selected NEW>Record and played the tape. It seemed to be working as the pointer moved across the screen showing sound waves. However, when I tried to play it, the cursor moved across the screen but no sound came out. I have checked that the loud-speakers aren't muted.

Any other ideas? There is a little wheel alongside the microphone plug which I tried turning both ways, but no luck.

Ah, I pulled out the connecting cable and there *is* sound, but not very good. I'll try another tape and work on it and report back.

  Number six 23:28 16 Feb 2011

Microphone inputs are very sensitive, and the line output from your tape recorder will be much too high, probably overloading the mic input, especially if there is no way to control input/output levels. Not sure how audacity works, but it might be automatically muting the input if it detects massive overload.

  robin_x 00:23 17 Feb 2011

USB Sound Card with line-in.

£11.99 + del

click here

  eedcam 05:41 17 Feb 2011

In Audacity did you select Microphone from the little drop down box . As said you need to watch the input levels set the sliders on audacity ot virtually zero play your tape and adjust them till the sound waves are peaking to almost the top of the graph..As for play backfrom audacity providedyu know the sound is ok from other sources you also have a slider for volume to adjust

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