If you're asking for help ........

  PA28 21:15 26 Mar 2003

I've just had a look through my old postings. It seems to be a developing trait that someone will ask for help, and then vanish into the sunset when assistance is offered, or clarification of the problem is sought. Now I accept that in some cases it's probably because their system has collapsed (I'm being kind here!), but in many instances I get the feeling that they just don't care or have lost interest. Imagine if they were paying for this service - would this happen?

So please - if you seek advice, then keep up with the thread. If you find the fix - even if you find it yourself - then let us know so that we can close the thread and move onto the next one. That way others will also learn when they hit the same problems in the future. Remember there's no such thing as a stupid question (I'm still asking them myself sometimes when I've forgotten the answer I knew long ago!).

There's a satisfaction in a green tick - but there's frustration in a green tick without knowing the result. And I cannot describe the sentiments for the one that walks away when you're in the middle of trying to help.

Do others share my feelings?

  watchful 21:23 26 Mar 2003

I agree.

Very often you see a thread with only one reply but it has a green tick so the poster must have been back to tick but not said whether it was solved or not.

  Nipsen 2 11:17 27 Mar 2003

Well said PA28 & watchful.

  pj123 11:48 27 Mar 2003

I have brought this up before as well.

I always respond with the solution that worked before ticking it as resolved. (check out my previous threads).

As you say, we don't ask for "thanks" but it would be nice to know which answer solved the problem as we then know what to do about future threads with the same theme.


  powerless 11:52 27 Mar 2003

Think of the beginning click here

  watchful 15:02 27 Mar 2003


  Wak 16:21 27 Mar 2003

You can see this attitude in many forums....a desperate cry for help with a serious problem, six or seven helpful suggestions, and then zilch!
I don't know whether to put it down to ignorance or just bad manners.
If their computer crashes, they can soon find another one in order to post the problem so presumably they could still find one simply to let the forum know the outcome, if any.
Will things ever change??? I'm forever hopeful, but I doubt it.

  PA28 18:56 27 Mar 2003

Agreed - good thread. I posted some years ago on the subject of the green tick.

There's always the danger that ability will be misjudged . I recall one PC manufacturers helpline advice to a novice as "flash the BIOS" - the poor guy was posting to ask what the BIOS was and how to do it. Perfect ingredients for writing off his machine! But at least if we can get continuity and, for want of a better word, some better etiquette into the proceedings, it'll be even better than it is for all. And with confidence and understanding comes ability.

  Forum Editor 19:17 27 Mar 2003

on people. I know it's good to see a green tick, and in an ideal world everyone would come back and tell us what worked - and give us a vote of thanks too - but it's not an ideal world, and we're here to help people.

Sometimes the sheer relief of having a problem solved can drive all other thoughts out of mind for a short while - the crisis has passed, and the person concerned gets on with life. It's human nature to a degree, and we're not the only people who experience this. Try talking to anyone who runs a helpline about anything, and see what they say. I think you'll find that failure to report back is pretty universal.

I have worked with many forums over the years, and have developed quite a few for commercial clients - they're all the same (forums, not clients), and what we see here isn't out of the ordinary in any way when it comes to green ticks, or information about what worked. Hope springs eternal, as they say, but in the meantime I would like to think that we can carry on providing the same high standard of help and advice as always.

  Gaz 25 19:24 27 Mar 2003

The amount of posts I have replied to and they have never said thanks, or even replied to let anyone know if it worked or not and the solution to the problem, they seem to abandon it.

Anyway, I agree.

  tulix 19:24 27 Mar 2003

WOW. the intensity of the green tick.I am however thankful of all the help i get from this forum.And i do report back on my threads.He says checking is threads.

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