If your monitor dies...

  rdave13 18:15 28 Jan 2006

when online; how can you shutdown your computer safely. Assuming you have no standby monitor?

  Forum Editor 18:16 28 Jan 2006

on your computer and hold it down for four seconds.

  rdave13 18:28 28 Jan 2006

Thank you.Always wondered about it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:52 28 Jan 2006

Press the Windows button on your keyboard, then press U then press U again.

  tonyx1302 18:58 28 Jan 2006

Have I misread this post ? I always shut down by Start/ Turn off Com/ Turn off. I don't close any progs ie B/B, ZA, Avast etc before hitting the off button and everything shuts down ok.

I have just tried F.E's post and it shuts down a lot quicker using this method. Is it ok to permanently shutdown this way also I didn't quite understand the ' no standby monitor' in Rdave13 post. What does that mean ?


  Graham ® 19:02 28 Jan 2006

No, it should only be used in emergency.

  PaulB2005 19:02 28 Jan 2006

He doesn't have a spare monitor....

I always use the Power button on my keyboard.

  rdave13 19:16 28 Jan 2006

Thanks for an alternative.Could you explaim what happens in your sequence please?

  tonyx1302 19:18 28 Jan 2006

Many thanks for putting me straight


  PaulB2005 20:15 28 Jan 2006

ALT+U, then ALT+U

First one brings up the Standby, Turn Off, Restart box, secon done selects Turn Off.

  Stuartli 20:21 28 Jan 2006

>>I have just tried F.E's post and it shuts down a lot quicker using this method.>>

It's also useful if your system "freezes".

You should first shut down anything that is open in a window, such as a browser, Word etc after saving any work.

Pressing the power button in for a few seconds or using the Start>Turn Off path is then OK.

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