If your browser is hijacked

  Forum Editor 18:19 28 Apr 2004

and you find your homepage has been reset, please DO NOT post the address of the page in question. If other forum members click the link that is created they may end up in the same boat, or find themselves visiting a porn site.

  GaT7 18:29 28 Apr 2004

Good point, thanks FE. Regards, G

  end 18:46 28 Apr 2004

exactly.....of interest?? is it possible for an "infection" to be passed on through the forum???presumably only if someone opens an"infected link"????

  GaT7 18:54 28 Apr 2004

YES, as the FE already said above.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:57 28 Apr 2004

Not through the forum ONLY if you click on the link....


  end 18:59 28 Apr 2004

thanks for that.....

Have I missed the beginning of this thread? I too have had my browser hijacked and have NAV already and have made use of Spybot to no avail. Any advice would be welcome.

  absent 20:21 28 Apr 2004

This freeware prog will prevent it happening again. Click here click here

  byfordr 20:25 28 Apr 2004

Doesn't remove the underlying problem. Worth cleaning with Spybot, Adaware, The Cleaner, Pest Patrol, Coolwebshredder and any other guardian angels... also spyware blaster click here is worth installing when you have a clean system. Stops a multitude of sins installing in the first place.


  Old Shep 20:34 28 Apr 2004

I raised a similar subject some time ago click here could it happen - it seems so from what the FE has posted.

  Lionheart ? 20:49 28 Apr 2004

Nice one FE.

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