if you use block sender in OE do you get more spam

  athenrye 23:08 28 Sep 2007

ive started to use the block sender function in outlook express as i was getting lots of spam emails re viagra etc....

seems though im getting more and more even after me blocking them

if you block an email address are they sent a message in return and would this then make them think it would be to a valid email address and then try to send more spam from a bogus changed email?


  Belatucadrus 23:17 28 Sep 2007

Spamers rarely use the same address twice, so blocking them doesn't usually achieve much but I do it anyway. Blocking doesn't actually do anything more than clear messages from that particular address from the mail server without downloading them to your PC. It doesn't send any message to the spammer.
If you want something a little more effective, try one of these click here
If it gets really bad you may find it better to set up a new mail address, but how long it'd stay clean is anybodies guess.

  FatboySlim71 08:53 29 Sep 2007

I use this with Outlook 2007. The beauty of this program is that, if you get any spam, you can tick the box in the program called "BOUNCE"; this function is basically like when you send an email to someone and have entered the wrong email address and get the email returned by the postmaster as undeliverable (or words to that affect)

In other words the spammer thinks that the email address that they have sent it to does not exist.

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  birdface 09:31 29 Sep 2007

You can use E-prompter. click here All your mail will be transferred through this, The spam you can delete ,the e-mails that you want to keep will be transferred to your proper e-mail provider when you open it.

  Belatucadrus 11:28 29 Sep 2007

As they use disposable addresses, spammers don't read any bounce notifications. They work off massive lists, know that 99% of it gets scrapped and have no interest whatsoever in focusing the list in any way, it's simply not cost effective for them. All bouncing does is add to gash e-mail traffic.

  tullie 11:39 29 Sep 2007

Have used Mailwasher over the years,but found it pointless,no doubt some will disagree,if not everyone lol

  athenrye 12:22 29 Sep 2007


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