If you think your PC is fast

  Graham ® 17:19 09 Nov 2004

Look at this one click here

  Cook2 17:22 09 Nov 2004

So my Abacus is now redundant. |:-(

  Cook2 17:22 09 Nov 2004

So my Abacus is now redundant. |:-(

  Smartfish 17:33 09 Nov 2004

don't want to sound like a fuddy dudd but this isn't a Helproom topic...
interesting tho.

I'm bored

  Dorsai 17:46 09 Nov 2004

But the figures quoted in the artice are useless without any figure for a Desktop to compare them with.

they quote speed for big blue in operations per second, without giving a figure for a PC, which is normally in Mhz, to compare to.

Like saying this car top speed 200Kph, that car 150 Mph. If you dont know the conversion factor for Mph into Kph, you have no idea which is faster.

So it's fast. How fast I have no idea.

  jimv7 17:58 09 Nov 2004

Still slow, one day they might catch up to mine, the enterprize edition. :-))

  Diemmess 18:02 09 Nov 2004

Must have - - but where am I going to find another 2398.8 square feet of space?

  cherria 18:05 09 Nov 2004

To quote from one review

an Intel Itanium 2 at 1.5 GHz can complete 4 floating point operations per cycle or a theoretical peak performance of 6 GFlop/s.

So at 70.72 trillion floating point operations per second, Blue Gene/L is approximately 11,786 times faster than a 1.5GHz single processer Itanium server.

  holly polly 18:10 09 Nov 2004

that's one hell of a desktop-hol pol...

  powerless 18:27 09 Nov 2004

Whoa that's slow compared to the computer on ST: Voyager that could do something like that per nano second.



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