if you computer is slow and look here.....

  2drewej 18:00 05 Sep 2006

i found this program called AdvancedWindows care and have been testing it since the beta was released a few months ago.

if you computer has errors / is slow and you are not very experienced with computers download this program.
it fixes everything including system errors , registry errors , and removes spyware in one click aswell as removing junk files , is free , and is completely genuine with no adware or spyware.

comes very highly recommended by many people.

click here

let me know what you think.........

  woodchip 18:35 05 Sep 2006

Use it on both my XP comps

  Ben capewell 19:04 05 Sep 2006

but my pc is still taking 45mins to boot up, and does still some times run slow, but the windows care does work

  2drewej 19:09 05 Sep 2006

if your pc takes 45 min to load it must be ancient! , mine takes about 2 min.

you could try defragmenting your hdd i.e diskkeeper 10

  ACOLYTE 19:15 05 Sep 2006

It says its a beta version for the free one any know probs with that?

  2drewej 19:27 05 Sep 2006

no probs , this version (3.6) is pretty much the final release and probabaly the final stage of the beta.

  legalrep 20:05 05 Sep 2006

will this work along side adaware AVG & spybot or should it be used on its own?

  2drewej 20:11 05 Sep 2006

it works along side other programs - doesnt interfere and you can chose to scan manually or automatically (i.e every day)

  Shortstop 20:26 05 Sep 2006

Downloaded [really based on Woodchip's comments] and it seems to have picked up a lot that my other cleaners have missed.

Not too keen on it turning on the balloons though, so have deleted that.



  howard63 20:41 05 Sep 2006

worth a try am downloading it - thanks 2drewej

  WhiteTruckMan 21:02 05 Sep 2006

but is it one of those programs that will scan your system, put up a list of what it finds but will not fix anything until you upgrade?


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