If U use uTorrent, perhaps U can answer my query?

  Triprajul 16:19 08 Jan 2011


This is rather embarrassing. Before, when I viewed my downloading and seeding files in uTorrent, the download speed column in uTorrent was very stable. It simply showed files in different stages of downloading and at different rates of download speed. It was a mixture. Some files were downloading quickly and others were downloading more slowly. Files seeding at the top and files downloading at the bottom and all very, very stable.

Very recently, however, I clicked on one of the columns in uTorrent, perhaps the download speed column top tab, in error and things changed. Now, everything seeding is at the bottom and everything downloading is at the top. Also, as the downloading speeds fluctuate, the order of the downloading torrents also changes. Basically, the order of the downloading torrents is not stable. Torrents keep moving up and down rapidly.

I want what I see to be stable. I want the order of the downloading torrents to stay the same no matter what the fluctuating speeds of the torrents. However, how do I do this? What do I click? Any advice given is greatly appreciated.

  john bunyan 16:42 08 Jan 2011

I do not use this, but could you say for what purpose you use it? If it is for peer to peer downloading of copyrighted material, that is illegal and I am sure we cannot help you. Otherwise please say what is the download?

  Triprajul 17:13 08 Jan 2011


I understand your misgivings. This is a very sad case of some very amazing technology getting smeared with a bad reputation because of how some people, but not all people, choose to use it.

For example, I use this peer-to-peer software, i.e., uTorrent, to fetch the latest copies of many open source (and therefore free) projects, such as Ubuntu Linux, other Linux distributions, and applications like OpenOffice, a great free alternative to MS Office Suite. Also, since P2P works well for truly large downloads of things like entire CD or DVD images, I will often use it as an downloading option for these types of files.

I hope that I have answered your question and, also, any help you can give me with my original questions would be greatly appreciated.

  ashdav 17:15 08 Jan 2011

Click on the # symbol on the column headings.
This will keep the number order of the torrents.
Click on it again to reverse the order.

  ashdav 23:51 12 Jan 2011

Well I answered your query but no feedback.

  keef66 12:47 13 Jan 2011

As Ashdav says, it sounds like it's sorting according to which header you click. Click again and it will reverse the order of your sort. The Processes tab in task manager works in the same way.

Come on then, what are you currently downloading?? Anything legal?

Thought not.

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