If tracking cookies are ...why?

  maltose 08:54 20 Aug 2006

I have been researching "tracking cookies" and reached the conclusion that in general they are a relatively harmless part of the joys of surfing. gandalf's contribution to the help forum's "cookies: why is PCadvisor........" 13/07/06, thread was a great help. Why then does EWIDO class them as a medium threat and why does AVG ignore them?

  wee eddie 09:05 20 Aug 2006

It depends on who are they from?

If from a regular, bona-fide, site then they are no problem and may well assist you in your surfing habits.

If however they come from that "Dark Side Site" you visited when your curiosity got the better of you. I am told that they are capable of reporting your surfing back habits to base.

  maltose 09:10 20 Aug 2006

we eddie - thanks, yes I understand your answer but, for example, EWIDO found doubleclick and adtech tracker cookies (both medium risk) after I had only visited this forum via google home page.

  VoG II 09:33 20 Aug 2006

Doubleclick and Adclick are both advertising sites. They are really no risk at all although you might wish to block them click here

  maltose 10:12 20 Aug 2006

Thanks VoG what an interesting site you directed me to, but as you say they are really no risk at all, so why does EWIDO treat them as such and AVG ignores them?

  wee eddie 10:16 20 Aug 2006

They are not Virae

  maltose 10:25 20 Aug 2006

wee eddie thank you, so does AVG do anything that EWIDO cannot do? Do I need both?

  wee eddie 11:28 20 Aug 2006

and concentrates on protecting you from Virae, without it you would be in trouble very quickly.

EWIDO is a program I am not familiar with, so cannot help, but seem to remember it in relation to controlling Ad-Ware.

  maltose 11:42 20 Aug 2006

Thanks again wee eddie. I installed EWIDO after reading VGO's advice in "Spyware warning...." 5/7/06. I guess the EWIDO is spyware (as opposed to virae). I am then surprised that there is no universal protection software. I have, and apparently need, AVG (virae) EWIDO (spyware) Kerio (firewall).

  Devil Fish 12:42 20 Aug 2006

their is universal software available if you wish to pay for it these come in the form of internet security suites in their various guises whether they are any better or worse than the free ones you have used i don't know

the software recommendations you have received relate
to software that its free for home use thus saving you a bundle and protecting your machine

  maltose 15:12 20 Aug 2006

Ok thanks, Devil Fish has reminded me how lucky we are to get any free software

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