If a M/Board has an AGP Pro Slot can I fit

  Giggle n' Bits 11:35 09 Feb 2003

a graphics card like a GeForce 4 that says its AGP x2/x4 or x8.

Or worded different. Do cards that say there an AGP graphics card, fit in AGP PRO slots on the Motherboards ?.

Just been a long time since a new build and a bit doubfull. I understand there is AGP x2/x4/x8
The Motherboard I wish to use is an Asus A7V333

  powerless 11:39 09 Feb 2003

Yes there is 2/4/8X and that motherboard has 4X.

I have a Geforce 4 and the card fits in my A7V333 with no problem.

Just pop in and have some fun.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:55 09 Feb 2003

But don't want to sound too thick. Can I ask-
Are you saying that I can only use a graphics card that has AGP x4 only or will it take x2 & x4 but not x8 without a BIOS flash.

Also as you have this what I consider an excellent M/board, which AMD CPU do you use and from the month you got your board what was the BIOS revision from out of the BOx ?.

I am wanting to use a AMD Athlon XP2200 which I understand is a 1.8GHz but will only work with this board if the BIOS is 1006 as I don't want to do any BIOS updating/flashing.

Thank you for your call in my post and your help.


  powerless 12:08 09 Feb 2003

Well you can use an 8X Graphics card in a 4X Motherboard. However the maximum speed it will run at is 4X.

I am using a 4X card.

I am using an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2GHz)

The BIOS: Award Software, Inc. ASUS A7V333 ACPI BIOS Revision 1014 10/03/2002 - As far as i know the BIOS is out of the box.

My system was brought from Evesham last November.

If you click here this will tell you the BIOS of your PC, thats assuming its all up and running. Also the BIOS date etc will flash up on the screen.

  powerless 12:10 09 Feb 2003

To check the BIOS click here You have to look on your motherboard.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:45 09 Feb 2003

I haven't got any of the parts yet but going this afternoon to buy. Just doing some compatibilty checks.

Prefer to stick to the XP2200 (1.8GHz) due to budget and I have checked by downloading the manual and found the relevant info relating BIOS realess at Asus site. The BIOS I need is the first realease 1006 for the XP2400 its for yours which Evebabes did as an upgrade then as it was not avialable as a out of the box.

For Starters I am using Win98Se as I know my way around this O/s then will go upto the XP when I am convinced the pc is upto scratch.

Don't suppose you know the Memory type in your machine. PC2100 or PC2700 I suspect ?.

Again thank you for your support i am of shopping for a few bits now.

  powerless 13:58 09 Feb 2003

In my computer it is PC2700

If you use all three DIMM sockets then the motherboard will run at 266MHz. Don't ask me why...

  Giggle n' Bits 11:42 10 Feb 2003

can only get the 2 out of 3 dimms to registar.
I know if win 98Se its a max 512MB only.

Thanks for the info on the board, I now have nearly all the bits, going out to get the 350Watt PSU, AGP Card, HDD.


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