If I reformat my PC...

  barrydol 10:49 16 Sep 2007

...which has a network of 2 laptops via a Belkin router attached... Will I have to go through the whole network set up process again? Or will it work if I just reinstall the belkin software?

who doesnt want to go through the whole process again.

  Forum Editor 12:48 16 Sep 2007

all your networking settings will be lost.

You say "via a Belkin router attached" - what do you mean by that? If the router is a wireless one, and I assume it is - then it will be connected to your broadband service, and its settings will be unaffected. If the connection to your PC is via an ethernet cable then the PC will immediately pick up and recognise the connection after the format - you shouldn't have to install any Belkin software.

  barrydol 13:08 16 Sep 2007

My PC is attached to my router via an ethernet cable. My two laptops are connected wirelessly. So if I reformat my HD back to factory settings will my network still be there or will I have to set it up again from scratch? Sorry for being vague I'm sort of new at this.

  BurrWalnut 13:26 16 Sep 2007

If you reformat/reinstall the PC connected by Ethernet cable you won't have to load any software.

  barrydol 14:17 16 Sep 2007

Thanks for your help. I'll go ahead and format.

  uesquebeathus 15:23 18 Sep 2007

if you reformat the drive you will wipe out every thing all software, data, letters, emails, everthing will be gone.

you will then have to reinstall the operating system and any software that was previously installed then you will have to replace all the settings to enable the computer to connect and see the network again

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