If I pay; anyone willing to write HTML/CSS/Jssrt?

  RWest 00:40 20 Feb 2008

Yes; I am working out what I want on my site; and am anxious to do the writing for it (it's an informational site, not commercial, with lots of information!), and not the HTML if possible.

If I provide a fairly clear spec, is anyone willing to give me a quote?

Basically all the pages will have similar structure, with a left margin linking to the text; to alow navigation there's be a strip of links across the top (cp number10.gov.uk) but with drop down menus as I have a load of topics.

There are other requirements (eg printer friendly button to print the text without the menu).

I'm not sure if you're allowed to give email addies here, so I won't, at least for the moment.

I'm thinking of something like £500 for a completed skeleton which need only be a few pages in fact; I can add my own stuff to it easily enough.

  RWest 00:40 20 Feb 2008

Should have been Jscrt or something - I couldn't squeeze javascript into the heading space

  brundle 10:58 20 Feb 2008

You could try this drag'n'drop website creator; click here
You can set up a site on a domain of your own with it.

If that's not powerful enough you could still use it to make a template to show a web designer.

You can easily get yourself a domain for a few £ a month click here

  ElanMan 12:54 20 Feb 2008

Not sure about the forum rules myself. Feel free to send me a message through the forum if you're looking for a quote.

  jackal16 17:49 20 Feb 2008

Get Microsoft Expression Web or Dream Weaver and make one yourself, its cheaper. Free templates or realativly cheap ones can be found on the internet + domains only cost a few £ a month.

  RWest 00:47 22 Feb 2008

I'm adopting the same idea as I noticed in DIY; if I'm doing it myself I have an unconscious bias towards avoiding stuff I don't like. Or indeed a conscious bias.

If I specify, someone else can do possibly tricky stuff. That's the idea... In a few days after meditating on it all I'll repost and check what people have put here.

  RWest 00:56 22 Feb 2008

ElanMan, looked you up here & you know what you're talking about. I'll think about it for a day or two then try to post a spec here or sneak my email addy thru if they don't like addies - tbh I can't be bothered to check their rules, but I can't imagine it's a major problem.

  Forum Editor 07:56 22 Feb 2008

for commercial purposes, and although you can't be bothered to check our rules I assure you it's there.

We make this rule for very good reasons, and I'm afraid I'll delete any further references to requests for quotes, etc.

  RWest 22:44 22 Feb 2008

It's not commercial use in any ordinary sense, any more than say asking if someone has a spare gizmo to sell - it's just a way to get what I want with minimum hassle. But thanks for the warning.

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