If 2 operating systems are installed, do i also have to install progs i wish to use in both, twice?

  theDarkness 17:41 12 Oct 2008

If i have xp and vista installed and i have a program i want to be able to use on both (thats compatible with both!) do i have to install the program twice in seperate locations- or is it possible to install it in exactly the same location for use in either system to save space?... and do i have to install it twice? whats the correct/best procedure? thanks

  Pamy 18:03 12 Oct 2008

install twice, separate systems

  theDarkness 15:55 15 Oct 2008

thanks. its prob not wise, but if i had a program i wanted to use within both operating systems on the same pc, eg ms office- is it possible to install this program to the exact same location twice on the same hard drive to save space?.. I know im better focusing on using each operating system for seperate tasks or seperate hds/locations for each op systems installed programs and files, but i was just curious if i was ever reduced to only having one hd with limited space. if any problems could occur doing so

  Forum Editor 16:34 15 Oct 2008

use the same file system (NTFS) it is possible for both to share the application installation directory, but to be honest it is far from problem free. Both operating system installers write different registry entries, and if an application entry is changed by one operating system you must manually mirror the change in the other O/S registry, or things will go badly wrong.

By far the safest way is to have a program files directory in each operating system's partition, and install the software separately using the two system installers. That way you'll have two clean registries, and no possibility of cross-corruption issues.

  theDarkness 00:51 17 Oct 2008

thanks everyone. I guess hard drives are so cheap now that its not worth installing to the one location twice if problems in the registry could occur. I will install the programs i wish to use in the differing operating system once again to avoid any issues.. I assumed at first that no registry problems could occur, as i thought seperate registries would have been created for each operating system in seperate locations anyway, so that even if the same program was installed on both, no problems could occur. I guess i was wrong! I had thought xp would not recognise a vista registry, and vice versa. Thanks. Hard drives are so cheap now that i guess its not worth the hassle trying to save installation space in this manner with two operating systems

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