Iexplorer error and can't close the computer down

  JOHN232 23:15 07 Jun 2003

I don't know if these two things are associated but I've been plagued with 'Iexplorer' error messages of late. I've followed advice and defragmented,used scandisk and repaired Internet Explorer but the problem returns pretty quickly, any ideas??

There's also the problem with closing the computer down. Invariably it won't close down by using the start menu. I end up having to use the buttons on my tower. I don't suppose that's doing the computer any good but can't get rid of the problem.

I'm on Windows '98 and a bit of a novice!!

  vinnielo 23:21 07 Jun 2003

Your descriptions are way too vague.

Please give an example of the kind of error messages you're getting.

In what way does your computer refuse to shut down?

  hugh-265156 23:25 07 Jun 2003
  JOHN232 00:08 08 Jun 2003

Whilst I'm on the internet, and for no apparent reason an error message will appear on the screen. It's entitled 'Iexplorer', and goes on to say that'This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor'. In the detail is starts off by saying @Iexplorer caused an invalid page fault in module MSHTML.DLL at 015f:70c66d51.................

  Danoh 00:13 08 Jun 2003

Could it be that you've been hit? Your problems sounds a bit like what a Canadian friend of mine was ranting about to me when he had to rescue a few of his users who were still on 98 and IE 5.5.

  hugh-265156 00:14 08 Jun 2003

think this may help click here

  JOHN232 00:15 08 Jun 2003

I've just tried closing the computer down. I closed all the windows and then, via the start menu, went for the 're start' option. The first message I got up was entitled 'Message Bouncer'.......This program is not responding. It may be busy waiting for a response from you, or it may have stopped running...... When I managed to get rid of that exactly the same message came up entitled 'AUBg Check Window', and then another 'Notification Wnd for PNSetup Mgr'. Eventually when I got rid of these last two, the icons on my desktop vanished, as though it was about to close down, but then the screen just froze showing the wallpaper. The only way I could close it then was by pressing the buttons on the tower because it wouldn't respond to anything else.


  Danoh 00:16 08 Jun 2003

my last post may have been a bit too cryptic. If you have anti-virus software and have downloaded the latest detection files, it may be worthwhile running a thorough scan of your PC for viruses. Without further info, a shot from my hip is a wild guess that it might be a virus problem.

  Danoh 00:20 08 Jun 2003

Please ignore the virus idea; you can obviously still use IE but just get error messages from time to time.

  hugh-265156 00:27 08 Jun 2003

i also found this click here if iexplore
and click here

  JOHN232 00:31 08 Jun 2003

I can still use it, but from the moment the error message appears it seems to deteriorate pretty quickly, and then I have to repair Internet Explorer before I'm up and running again. What I mean by deteriorate is that from the moment the error appears then I can't open a new window up. Then some text in menus, such as my favorites, become distorted, almost as though I'm reading Arabic. Soon after, my favorites menu and history disappear altogether.

P.S. thanks for being so helpful chaps....

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