"...IEXPLORE.EXE has been changed"

  Pineman100 18:01 12 Feb 2009

Windows XP SP3.

My Kaspersky Internet Security firewall has suddenly started giving me the following report whenever I launch Internet Explorer 7:

"The application IEXPLORE.EXE has been changed."

I run the firewall in Low Security mode.

I've run a full antivirus scan - nothing found. Does anyone have any idea why this might suddenly be happening, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:31 12 Feb 2009

Any MS updates recently?

  Pineman100 18:46 12 Feb 2009

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\

Thanks for replying.

Yes several updates were installed last night, when I shut down.

But would this cause multiple firewall warnings? I thought that, after I accepted the first warning, Kaspersky would have been satisfied.

  User-1229748 19:52 12 Feb 2009

what version of kis are you using?

  Pineman100 11:46 13 Feb 2009

  skidzy 11:58 13 Feb 2009

can you confirm that " IEXPLORE.EXE " is as listed in task manager ?

Basically you are looking for lower case and not upper !

This does have an important relevance.

Do you use Winpatrol ?

If not,may i suggest you do click here

Install (its free unless you want to upgrade to the plus version) and open and select Active tasks,right click this and post back the info (screen shot would be good).

  Pineman100 17:05 13 Feb 2009

Hi skidzy

"iexplore.exe" is listed as a running process, but not "IEXPLORE.EXE". The Kaspersky report always shows it in caps, as written by me above.

Does that make a difference?

Yes, I've been running Winpatrol for a short time, since reading a recommendation for it in another thread (possibly from you?). But I'm not yet fully familiar with its behaviour. It runs as a background process.

It hasn't given me any warnings about this iexplore.exe thing.

  skidzy 20:19 13 Feb 2009

I must admit Kaspersky showing this in caps is a surprise and to be honest...i cannot answer this.

If Winpatrol has not warned of any changes ,then i can only assume its due to MS updates this week.

  [email protected] 20:28 13 Feb 2009

i think it's from the last lot of updates and nothing to worry about click here

  gazzaho 01:08 14 Feb 2009

In F-Secure there is a check box for "don't display this message again" when the firewall flags an event, if I don't tick it then the message keeps reappearing, perhaps KIS has something similar to disable the message, that is presuming the message is harmless of course as adman 2 suggests, I would tend to agree with him as there was an IE 7 fix in the last round of updates although the iexplore.exe file is related to a few types of virus/trojans depending on size/location of said file, as skidzy says it's strange that KIS is reporting it in capital letters as a change in letter case is also indicative of virus activity.

  Pineman100 19:52 14 Feb 2009

I think you're right - it was the latest MS updates wot done it. I was just surprised that the warning kept reappearing.

However, today nothing. No warnings from KIS or Winpatrol.

I'm going to run some antivirus and antispyware scans, but only to be belt-and-braces. I think everything's OK.

I'll close the thread, but if my scans should happen to turn up anything, I'll post back.

Thanks very much for your help and advice.

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