iexplore.exe hangs on shutdown

  rawprawn 15:40 22 Jun 2005

Spoke too soon after marking my last post resolved, I am still in trouble. When I turn my machine off or reboot, I am getting the sign iexplore.exe End Program or Cancel if I chose end I then get MCI Command Hand... (I can't see any more) End program or hit Cancel. This is only a recent problem but seems to be getting worse, it takes quite a while to get rid o the warnings. Any help appreciated.
I have uninstalled IE in add/remove windows components and reinstalled (Although it did not ask for the disc) I have used System Restore and I have even gone back using Acronis True Image.
Windows XP Pro SP2

  Gongoozler 18:19 22 Jun 2005

Not really a cure, but possibly a fix. Go to this site click here, scroll down to PROGRAMS HANG / BECOME UNRESPONSIVE, and download the registry patch to end unresponsive programs.

  rawprawn 19:14 22 Jun 2005

Thanks for the reply, sorry I have been so long but I have been rebooting so often I am thinking of starting a cobblers shop.
I am still not sure If I have cured the problem I have run sfc twice, uninstalled and reinstalled the ADSL Modem Drivers and generally tried all kinds of dodges. It seems OK at the moment but I have said that before. If all else fails I may try the registry patch for EXPLORER.EXE as suggested in your post but I don't think that that is the issue. I will come back later after seeing if what I have done really works or whether it is still not fixed.
Thanks Dennis

  rawprawn 23:12 22 Jun 2005

I am still unable to resolve this problem after about 6 hours of trying everything suggested. I don't often swear but I am getting close.

  ventanas 08:33 23 Jun 2005

Dennis, could there be anything here that might help click here

Other info click here

Could it be something to do with audio within IE

  ventanas 08:35 23 Jun 2005

Oh, and I have heard you swear :-))

  rawprawn 08:48 23 Jun 2005

Hi John, I had a look at that yesterday but I'm afreaid it's a bit beyond me. I thought I had cured it, I turned off system restore and rebooted and the hang disapeared, but it returned after 4 reboots. cycoze seems to be looking at how many IE's I have on the system, I am awaiting his reply have a look at computertroubles.

  ventanas 09:08 23 Jun 2005

Thanks Dennis, will do.

  961 09:42 23 Jun 2005

I had this problem a couple of months ago and did actually go to the luxury of using one of my long held and unused Microsoft Windows support contacts. That resulted in a long and not very productive e-mail support with a guy in somewhere sunny.

The things I learned really came from my own investigation of the error codes in the system logs on my computer.

One thing I found was that there was a delay inbuilt in the close down while the system waited for a programme to close. This, I think, is set by default at 30 seconds. I was told that if I set that at, say, 45 seconds, the programme might be able to respond in that longer time.

I found that certain error codes related to hardware/software that was no longer there, or had never been there because, for example, some programmes were not installed by default (or at all) in XP Home edition.

But by far the greatest difference I managed to make was by changing the virus checker. I had been aware that the virus checker I was using was large and clunky (it wasn't N) and established that it was certainly part of the problem by closing it down before I shut down the system. The system close down immediately moved from something around 40 - 60 seconds to more like 15.

I changed the virus checker and haven't had a problem since

I should say that the error notice I got regarding a programme not responding was always iexplore.exe. After resolving the issue I believe that programme had nothing to do with my trouble

  rawprawn 11:41 23 Jun 2005

Thank you for that I will try switching AVG off before shutting down.

  rawprawn 12:12 23 Jun 2005

Sorry, I am still having the problem with AVG turned off. Any other thoughts. The thing I find strange is the length of time after I think everything is loaded and in the system tray to when I can get my ADSL to try to connect the computer seems almost hung on starting.

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