IeSpell in Win7!!

  TonyV 20:03 05 Jan 2011

I have been using IeSpell for a number of years in its various iterations, but in trying to get it to work in Win 7, either 32 or 64 bit is getting silly now.

It obviously does not function in the 64bit version, and whilst it will work in the 32bit version, it will not work as was originally intended. i.e.During the spell check process, it fails to highlight/underline the suspect word. This means that you have to read the whole document to make sure where the word is and whether it is fact mis-spelt.

Is anyone else having this problem, and if so what is the answer to correcting it? I have tried an IeSpell forum as well as the IeSpell contact site, but so far there has been nothing forthcoming.



  woodchip 21:14 05 Jan 2011

IE does not Have a Spell Check it uses the one in Word MS Office

  woodchip 21:16 05 Jan 2011
  TonyV 22:55 05 Jan 2011

Not sure what you are saying. I know there is not a spell check system contained within IE8, hence my reason for using IeSpell. That worked fine in XP SP3, but does not in Win7 IE8 64bit, and only partially in IE8 32bit.

If what you say is right and IE8 uses the MS Office Word spellcheck, how do I get that to work in IE8? I have Office 2007. I was under the impression that it was Windows Live Mail that uses the Office spell check system, but if there is a way of usng it in IE8/Win7, that would be really very good.



  woodchip 09:50 06 Jan 2011

It should Work Automatic if you have Office, check Options in IE it may be under plugin's

  woodchip 10:03 06 Jan 2011

You could well be right, next stop is 75

  woodchip 10:04 06 Jan 2011

You could well be right, next stop is 75.

Problem with MS is they link there software too much

  rdave13 10:25 06 Jan 2011

Do you have the latest version? click here

  rdave13 10:25 06 Jan 2011

Do you have the latest version? click here

  gengiscant 10:31 06 Jan 2011

IEspell click here works fine for me in Windows 7 64 Bit.

  TonyV 11:42 06 Jan 2011

What is OP? I am using the latest version of IeSpell. Are you saying that now it does not highlight/underline the suspect word anymore?

How do you get it to work in 7 64bit? I get an error message coming up that has been well documented in other sites etc. It works, to a degree in 32bit, but with my misgivings that prompted this thread.



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