ieplore.exe using 47% cpu, open or closed!

  six-h 01:22 01 Oct 2007

I usually have Task mgr "processes tab" window in the corner of my screen, visible under other open windows, just to keep an eye on what's happening.
Tonight, I didn't, and had about 4 tabs open watching various forums,when I noticed the screen was very jittery when moving things around.
Task Mgr. revealed the above activity, unchanged when IE7 was closed.
I had 3 instances of explore.exe running, and had to manually "end task" the two biggest resource hogs before things returned to normal.
What is going on?
I am fairly confident my machine is clean...did a major deep clean last week.

  six-h 01:29 01 Oct 2007


And another strange thing, why does the "Tab label" for my Gmail acount some times show the "Explorer" icon, followed by "Google Mail - Inbox", when it normally shows the Google Mail red envelope icon??

  birdface 08:21 01 Oct 2007

Looks as though you may have an infection.iexplore.exe is Internet Explorer and if you have Internet Explorer turned off it should not be running in Task manager.You may be infected by but if no one comes up with a solution you might be better to download Hijack This.And post to the Malware Forum.

  six-h 15:56 02 Oct 2007

pest! Having googled the name "" it seems that if infected with this, your home page will change to theirs, and this has not happened with me, which seems to rule that out.
Fortunately, it's not happened since I deleted the two superfluous "iexplore.exe" items in task manager.
Is it normal to have more than one entry for this running when you only have one instance of IE running, (albeit with several tabs open)??

  birdface 16:07 02 Oct 2007

Not sure on that one.I know svchost.exe has about 4 running but not sure about iexplore.exe.Just switched IE7 on and can only find 1 iexplore.exe showingon taskmanager.

  birdface 16:08 02 Oct 2007

Type iexplore.exe into search and see what it comes up with.

  six-h 21:21 02 Oct 2007

Sorry I could only post once this afternoon, but was using the college computers where I help out teaching PC literacy!
The local council have installed new filtering software, and as soon as it was up and (supposedly) running, the company went bust leaving us with at best a sporadic connection!!
(And I think I've got problems!)
Took your advice and googled for it, and it sems this bogus iexplore.exe is installed by a variety of trojans, worms and viruses, but one thing they seem to have in common is that they install it in the startup folder, which has not happened with me.
I'm loathe to pester the good people at Malware Forum with it, and think I'll just wait and see if it happens again before posting a HJT log.
Thanks for your help, I'll call this resolved (for now).

  birdface 22:56 02 Oct 2007

Hi.Sorry you misunderstood. I meant windows search.

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