ieee 1394

  mimo 21:49 30 Jun 2003

hello all..i posted a question regarding usb 2 up grade.since then i have noticed that my pc is fitted with 2 ieee 1394 ports.i believe this is a fire wire question is can these ports be used to connect external devices like dvd drive,cdrw and many other products which require fire wire,and still have the recommend transfer rate per second.thanks,hear from you soon.cheers...mimo

  Quiller. 21:57 30 Jun 2003

Yes these ports will connect external firewire devices.

Check in device manager for IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers. If it is there and does not have a yellow exclamation mark next to it. Then the ports are switched on and ready to go.

  researcher 22:29 30 Jun 2003

Firewire can be used just as USB2, they are hot-swapable and almost the same speed as USB2.

So if your external device has firewire, go ahead and use it.

  mimo 22:15 03 Jul 2003

hello all,thanks for the help.cheers mimo

  -pops- 06:23 04 Jul 2003

Be careful when buying new devices to fit Firewire or USB2. Firewire hardware tends to be more expensive that the USB2 equivalent.


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