ieee 1394

  e-t 09:20 01 Aug 2007

hi can anyone help i have a lead from my case which is firewire can i connect this to a usb connector on my motherboard thanks for any help

  johnnyrocker 09:22 01 Aug 2007

i doubt it as i believe yhis is for pc to pc connection.


  Eric10 10:08 01 Aug 2007

It's not too clear from your description but I think that you mean there is a firewire (ieee 1394) port on your PC case with an internal lead for connecting to a header on the motherboard. If this is correct then do NOT under any circumstance connect this to a USB header. They are completely different things and are wired differently so connecting to an incorrect header such as USB could result in burning something out. If you don't have a firewire header on your motherboard then just ignore it.

  €dstowe 10:41 01 Aug 2007

You must NEVER link IEEE 1394 and USB together. It's not called Firewire for nothing.

  dan* 10:57 01 Aug 2007

" can i connect this to a usb connector on my motherboard "

NO. If your motherboard does not have a firewire connection, then buy a cheap PCI firewire card.

  e-t 13:46 01 Aug 2007

thanks people just need to now before i fried something once again thanks to you all

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