IE9 and Win 7 64 bit sp1 queries

  The Potter 23:19 03 Jun 2011

I accepted the Windows update download for IE9 and now it's annoying me! Please can anyone answer how I do the following because I'm on the verge of uninstalling it!

  1. I've always used Google as my search engine and when I found the search provider was gone I did read that if I searched for something using the address bar that wasn't recognised as an address it would default to my search provider. Does it heck! Type 'baked beans' in to it and get 'http://baked%20beans/' in the adress bar and a 'page cannot be found' message.

I've now downloaded the Google search toolbar which whilst useful for searching does take up unnecessary space and incidently, if searching on the address bar for baked beans I now get a polite message from Google saying 'Opps! IE could not find baked beans'. Please can I have a nice little search box to the right of the address bar?

  1. Going backwards - yep, seems to me IE9 did! Say I want to go back to a website I viewed 4 clicks before the one I'm on. There used to be a nice little drop down chevron that would show me where I had been and I could just click to reach that previous page. Now ..... chevron gone and I have to keep clicking the back button to get back to where I want to be and woe betide if I go past it because there's no way to go forward that I can see at that point.

Please can anyone help, I feel I must be missing the blantantly obvious but I'm just not getting it.


  birdface 23:27 03 Jun 2011

Tools.Add Ons.Search providers,

Lets hope that does it.

That is one of the reasons that I went back to search bar.

  The Potter 23:29 03 Jun 2011

Yep, Google is the default and only one enabled. Thank you for the response.

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